Destiny: The Taken King - How to Earn Legendary Marks

Build up your Legendary Marks so you can buy Legendary Gear, Engrams, and other items from the various vendors around the Tower.


Legendary Marks are Bungie’s replacement to the Vanguard and Crucible Marks of old. Unlike the old Marks, however, Legendary Marks are now spread account wide, meaning you can only hold up to 200 Legendary Marks at a time. Luckily you can earn as many as you want during a weekly sessions, but unless you keep your balance below 200, you won’t receive them.

Unlike Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks, Legendary Marks are a lot more frustrating, and difficult to earn. There are several ways to earn them currently, however, most of them are limited account wide, or require that gear drops, something that is out of our hands, be relied upon. We’ve brought all these new ways to earn Legendary Marks together to help you get ahead of the game, and reach that coveted Light Level 300.

Earning Legendary Marks

In order to start earning Legendary Marks you’re going to need to make it to level 40 on your Guardians. This is the first in a very short list of things you need to do to earn Legendary Marks. Once you’re up to Level 40, multiple avenues open up, however you’ll need to make sure your Guardian is up to the tasks at hand.

Daily Story Mission

  • Each day Bungie picks out a new mission for players to take on. This Daily Heroic Mission normally runs from level 40-41, and offers up 15 Legendary Marks to those who complete it. It is account-wide, however so you can only earn 15 Marks, even if you have multiple characters.

Daily Crucible Playlist

  • Head into the Daily Crucible Playlist and complete one match to earn 15 Legendary Marks. This works just like normal Crucible matches, so just head inside and dive deep into the gamemode being offered up that day. It isn’t hard to do, and don’t worry if you aren’t very good at PVP. You won’t need to do exceptionally well in Crucible to bring home the Marks.

Vanguard Heroic Strikes

  • Three times a week players can head into the Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist. Much like the Vanguard Strikes, this playlist offers up the Vanguard Buff, which allows you to earn more Engram and Gear drops throughout the strike. The added bonus with this playlist is that it offers 10 Legendary Marks and a Legendary Engram for the first three times you complete a strike. You will need to be at least Light Level 260 to take on these strikes, as enemies will be locked at Level 41.

Completing Quests

  • Certain quests you receive from the various figures around the Tower and Reef offer Legendary Marks as part of the completion package. Most of these quests will fall under the Taken War sidequests, which unlock after you defeat Oryx in the mission Regicide.

Dismantling Year 2 Legendary Gear

  • Have you been finding Year 2 Legendary Gear that you don’t need? Fret not dear Guardians, for I have some news for you. If you have Legendary Gear just sitting there, without any use, stop wasting your Vault and Inventory space. Dismantling Year 2 Legendary Gear is the only truly “unlimited” way to earn Legendary Marks. Players will receive 2-3 Legendary Marks for dismantling an un-upgraded piece of Legendary Gear, and will earn up to 5 Legendary Marks for a completely upgraded piece of Legendary Gear.

Sadly, as it stands there is no way to easily and quickly earn Legendary Marks. This means the grind to get to Light Level 300 and beyond will be a long and arduous one, where players will need to rely on the goodness and graciousness of the revamped RNGesus. Don’t worry too much though, there are still plenty of things to do in Destiny’s newest DLC, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of it. Get back out there Guardian. Earn your Sword, take on the Court of Oryx, and learn how to farm Exotic Engrams with the Three of Coins to help prepare yourself for what’s coming next.

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