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Report: Konami Not Developing Console Games Except Pro Evolution Soccer

Konami is continuing development on Pro Evolution Soccer, but has nothing else planned. Could this mean that the company is pulling away from console development in favor of mobile?


Despite the success of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, it looks like Konami may be pulling away from triple-A console game development. Gamespot reports on evidence presented by the French gaming site Gameblog, which was independently verified by Eurogamer, that with the exception of Pro Evolution Soccer and some work on Metal Gear Online, Konami has nothing new in the works.

By itself, this may not be an indication that Konami is withdrawing from console game development, but there's mounting evidence. Julien Merceron, technology director for the Fox Engine, reportedly left Konami yesterday. Additionally, Konami's president Hideki Hayakawa made some statements in May 2015 indicating that the company may be pursuing mobile as its main platform. Konami later backstepped a little, by stating that it was still interested in creating content for all platform, but the most recent evidence to the contrary is in a from a tweet from Rika Muranaka, a composer who has worked on Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. The tweet states, "'s pretty, I can't write music to any of AAA games."

On the bright side, Konami has not yet called off auditions for an all new Metal Gear development team. But if the rumor is true, then it's sad times for fans of Konami's other franchises like Silent Hill and Castlevania. At least Metal Gear concludes on a high note.


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