Destiny: The Taken King - How to Unlock the Chest in the Taken Consumption - Hall of Souls

Stop dying while trying to unlock that chest surrounded by Taken Consumption in the Hall of Souls.


Deep within the bowels of the Dreadnaught, hidden inside one of the many cubbies within the scared halls of Oryx’s ship, is a chest. This isn’t just any old chest, however, no this is a special chest. A special chest that is surrounded by deadly Taken Consumption which leeches the light from any Guardians who dare to try to take its spoils. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways to get around that deadly goo on the ground, and this guide will teach you every way possible.

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The Official Way

The official “Bungie” way to unlock the chest is to head to the Hall of Souls, to the area just outside the Court of Oryx. It is here that you’ll find several Hive praying in a circle. You’ll need to kill these Hive, taking out any Majors that spawn along the way, and pray that the RNG gods have mercy on your soul. If you get lucky a Husk Orb will spawn within the Dreadnaught’s broken weapon’s power source. Interact with this orb, and anyone around you should get the Interloper buff. This buff only lasts 1:30, so you’ll need to hurry up and make your way back over to the chest within the Taken Consumption.

The Unofficial Ways

If you aren’t getting lucky with the Husk Orb drops, or if you don’t want to even bother farming that area, there are still several options available to you as a Guardian, to unlock this chest.


Hunters can use their Bladedancer class’s Super to buff their armor up, and then head inside and open up the chest, receiving the rewards inside shortly before perishing. You’ll die along the way, but in the end you’ll have the rewards you’ve been seeking.


Titans have a few options. As a fully upgrade Sunbreaker you can run into the Taken Consumption while Supered and open up the chest for the goodies inside. Titans can also pop a bubble with Armor of Light and easily open the chest without dying to the Taken Consumption.


Warlocks perhaps have one of the easiest ways to unlock the hidden chest within the Taken Consumption. With your Super full, and your Radiance class equipped, head into the area and begin to open up the chest. You won’t be able to grab it before you die, however, once you Super, and come back from the dead, you can easily grab the chest before dying to the Taken Consumption a second time.

The easiest way to unlock this chest, however, is to equip the Stormcaller Subclass for your Warlock and Super outside the area. Now you can simply float into the Taken Consumption without taking damage, and open up the chest. Easy as pie.

So far the chest has been known to contain a Hadium Flake, Wormspore, sometimes a rune, and a Calcified Fragment.

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