Destiny: The Taken King - How to Unlock the Scent of the Worm Chest - A Scent is the Key

Pick up the Scent of the Worm buff, and open up this chest in the Dreadnaught’s Mausoleum to gain its rewards.


Wondering how to open up that chest on the left platform far out across the chasm in the Mausoleum? This guide will show you where to pick up the Scent of the Worm buff, as well as what path to take in order to get to the chest in time to open it.

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First things first, head to the Dread Patrol mission, and make your way from the Hull Breach to the Mausoleum. The easiest way to do this is to take note of the massive Cabal ship inside the Hull Breach, and then follow the ravine below it until you reach the next area.

Once you’re in the Mausoleum head to the opposite side of where you entered. Or if you enter from somewhere else, just head to the wall on your left when facing the massive Hive Portal that you use to travel to Oryx’s area in the main story mission Regicide.

Along the wall there are several openings and doorways. You’ll want to head inside the second door along the wall. This is also the same area that holds the Key of Maggots chest. Wait inside the hole in the wall until you get the buff called “The Scent of the Worm”. This buff will allow you to open up the chest at the end of the mausoleum. From here you need to run out of the door, and past the Hive Portal to the far platform on the right-hand side of the room. Here there is a hidden path across the chasm. To find the chest requiring the Scent of the Worm you have to take the path diverging to the left, and make your way over to the platform. Once you reach it, open it up, and then make your way back across the chasm and to the initial platform. 

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