How to Complete A Broken Will and Get the Sword in Destiny: The Taken King

Unlock the new Void Edge, Sol Edge, or Arc Edge Heavy Weapons.


Trying to unlock that shiny new sword in Destiny: The Taken King? This guide will show you how to complete the quest A Broken Will and unlock one of three versions of the sword for your currently equipped character.

How to Get the Quest A broken Will

In order to unlock the quest you’re going to need to meet a few pesky requirements before Eris is willing to give you the quest. First things first you’ll need to have completed the main story mission and defeated Oryx in Regicide, the game’s final main mission. Once Oryx is dead you’ll also need to complete the Dread Patrol quest, which sees you running around the Dreadnaught, dropping patrol beacons for future patrol missions. Once these requirements have been met you can head back to the tower, make your way down the steps into the Hall of Guardians, and then speak with Eris Morn to receive the quest, A Broken Will. Completing this quest will reward you with the Void Edge, Sol Edge, or Arc Edge Heavy Weapon sword.

Speak to Lord Shaxx – Quest Part 1 – A Broken Will

Once you’ve received the quest it’s time to get this party started. The first objective, Speak to Lord Shaxx, is easily accomplished. Turn away from Eris, and make your way over to the Crucible leader. Once you’ve spoken with him you’ll receive a new objective, and it will be time to head back to the Dreadnaught.

Reforging the Blade – Quest Part 2 – A Broken Will

When you speak to Shaxx about the sword he’ll ask you to bring him 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light. To gather Hadium Flakes you’ll need to head back to the Dreadnaught, as they are an item that cannot be found within our realm. Head into Orbit, then select the Dreadnaught as your Destination and drop into the Level 35 Patrol mission.

You’re going to spawn into the Hull Breach area of the Dreadnaught. You may recognize this area from previous missions, as it is the large cavernous room where the Cabal ship was crashed. Head outwards from your spawn to the center of the area, then drop into the ravine just below the massive crashed Cabal ship. Follow this ravine until you reach the next area of the Dreadnaught, the Mausoleum. To gather up Hadium Flakes you’re going to want to make your way around this area, opening up chests as you go. If you find yourself only gathering Glimmer with each chest you open, then make sure you have room for the Hadium Flakes in your inventory, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Make your way around the room in a clockwise fashion, checking each and every room along the walls. Typically you’ll find two-three chests per rotation, but people have been known to find more. Simply repeat this process, moving between the Hull Breach and the Mausoleum if you find the chests aren’t respawning, and it should only take you 20-30 minutes depending on how much the RNG gods smile upon you.

Once you have all 25 Hadium Flakes make your return to the Tower and speak to Lord Shaxx once more. You’ll also need to bring along 10 Motes of Light, as well as 25 Spinmetal for the Arc Edge, 25 Helium Filaments for the Sol Edge, or 25 Relic iron for the Void Edge. Once you choose your blade you’ll complete this quest and be able to banish the enemies of the light with your very own sword.

Since this weapon is still classified as a Heavy Weapon, it will still use Heavy Ammo. The sword can hold up to 30 charges, and deals 220 Damage.

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