Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - All Music Tape Locations

Find all the Music Tape Collectibles hidden throughout Metal Gear Soliv 5: The Phantom Pain.


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a massive endeavor for both its creator, Hideo Kojima, and fans alike. There are tons of things to be found around the game’s mission areas, which take place in Afghanistan. This guide will teach you the locations of every Music Tape collectible that players can find. You can then equip Music Tapes to be played over the Helicopters loud speaker whenever you head out on a mission, or receive a pickup.

Find out the locations of all 27 blueprints, learn how to recruit D-Dog and Quiet, and experience the biggest Metal Gear twist by unlocking Mission 46 with help from our other Phantom Pain guides.

204863: You can find this tape in the southwest guard post near Kungenga Mine.

A Phantom Pain: This tape is hidden within the huts just northeast of the Wakh Sind Barracks.

All the Sun Touches: Search Munoko ya Nioka Station to find this tape hiding inside.

Behind the Drapery: Search the area around Da Wialo Kallai.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes: Go to Ditadi Abandoned Village, and search under the canopy that’s located at the bottom of the rocky peak.

Dormant Stream: This tape can be found by searching the western guard post at Smasei Fort.

Friday I'm In Love: Search the mansion in Lufwa Valley to find this music tape.

Gloria: Search inside the building that’s east of Nova Braga Airport to find this collectible.

Heavens Divide: During Mission 30, search the elevator before facing off against Skull Face.

How 'Bout Them Zombies, Ey?: This tape is cleverly hidden in the building to the east of Bwala ya Masa.

Kids in America: Search outside the main building in Da Shago Kallai.

Love Deterrence: Head to Da Ghwandai Khar and search the building where you found Kazu Miller in Mission 01 to snag this tape.

Love Will Tear Us Apart: This tape can be found inside the Afghanistan Central Base Camp.

Maneater: Search the tent at the front of Lamar Khaate Palace to snag this collectible.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme: Search the Quarantine Platform’s cellar in Mission 43 to find this tape.

Midnight Mirage: Search the northernmost building in Bampeve Plantation.

Nitrogen: This tape is hidden in the furthest north building in the Serak Power Plant.

Only Time Will Tell: This music tape can be found in the Eastern Communications Post.

Planet Scape: Search the southern guard post in Sakhra Ee Village to snag this collectible.

Quiet Life: This tape can be found by searching the southeastern building in Mfinda Oilfield to find this music tape waiting to be heard.

Quiet's Theme: You automatically get this music tape for following the footprints at the end of Mission 45. A cut scene will trigger and you should acquire the tape.

Rebel Yell (1999 Remaster): To find this tape search west of the bright near the Mountain Relay Base.

Ride A White Horse: Head over to Lamar Khaate Palace, and search the northern guard post to find this collectible.

She Blinded Me With Science: You will find this tape by searching the northeastern guard post in Wialo Village.

Sins of The Father: You automatically obtain this tape after you successfully complete Mission 30.

Snake Eater: Hit up the western guard post near Munoko ya Nioka Station to find this track.

Take On Me: Search the rooms in the west wing of Yakho Oboo Outpost to snag this collectible.

Take The D.W.: To find this tape search the canopy near the amphitheater in Da Smasei Laman.

The Final Countdown: Head east out of Qarya Sakhra Ee until you reach a small building. Search the building to fine this music tape.

The Man Who Sold the World: Simply complete the “secret mission”, Mission 46, and you will obtain this tape.

The Tangerine: Search the eastern guard post at Spugmay Keep to nab this tape.

Too Shy: Enter the tent near the anti-aircraft radar at Kiziba Camp to find this collectible.

TRUE: This tape is located in Kungenga Mine.

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record): Search the northwestern guard post in Lufwa Valley to find this final tape.

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