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Chattycast 59: That Belongs in a Museum!

This week, the Chattycast talks about video game preservation with Mega Man Legacy Collection producer Frank Cifaldi!


Like film and comic books before them, video games have flourished primarily as an entertainment medium. As gamers grow up and appreciate it on a deeper level, more of us are understanding the need for keeping games intact in their original state. The original hardware is growing obsolete every day, though, meaning we need to find other methods of accomplishing that goal.

This week, the Chattycast brings on Mega Man Legacy Collection producer Frank Cifaldi to talk about video game preservation. How do we go about this in the face of the technical challenges it presents? Is it best kept to hobbyists, or do we need an organization like the ESA to step in? Should publishers take charge of preserving their own back-catalog? Plus as always we have Newsybits, Beat the Doc, and more!

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