Until Dawn: All Totem Locations, Night of the Totem Hunter Trophy

A complete guide to the locations of every Totem hidden throughout Until Dawn, and how to earn the Night of the Totem Hunter Trophy.


Totems are small collectibles that are hidden throughout the various “episodes” of Until Dawn. These collectibles, when triggered, activate a short cut scene that can clue players into a possible future available within the game.

Alongside Totems, there are also 77 Clues hidden throughout the game's Prologue and ten episode story. These clues are broken down into three different categories: The Twins, 1952, and The Mystery Man.

Totems are broken down into five categories, featuring six Totems per category. The categories are Death, Loss, Danger, Guidance, and Fortune.

This guide will showcase each Totem, its location, and what episode of the game you will find them in.

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NOTE: It is important to know that in your collectible playthrough you must make sure every character survives, otherwise you will not be able to find every item and collect all of the trophies.

Death - Prophesies a dreamer's death.

#1 This Death Totem will be found during the Prologue sequence of the game. After you gain control of Beth, and are moving through the woods in search of Hannah, you will come across this Totem beside a fence post on the left side of the path. It is hard to miss it.

#2 When playing as Matt in Episode 5, move forward into the cable car area, and then turn left towards the picnic table. Pass the table by, and keep a close eye out for this collectible shimmering near the foot of a slender tree near the cliff edge.

#3 In Episode 5, after shooting the lock off the door to follow the Stranger, Move down the hall and through the doorway to the left. Before following the stairs to the next level down, veer left, and move around the railing. Keep pressing forward until you reach the back corner of the area, and spot this collectible lying beside a broken chair.

#4 The fourth Death Totem is found within Episode 4. When you gain control of Chris, after Ashley has been taken by the Psycho, head outside. Follow the snowy path until you come to a fork in the path. To the left you should spot some bloody smears. Follow these smears to the left, and you’ll find this Totem resting near the end of the small alcove.

#5 In Episode 6, when playing as Emily, move past the ladder that you have to climb to reactivate the power to the elevator, and follow the minecart tracks until you spot this collectible resting on the floor beneath the collapsed beams.

#6 After you climb the wall with Sam in Episode 9, head up the stairs to the right of the camera. Follow the pathway across the gap, and continue up the next set of stairs. This will lead you to a small area with this Totem resting on the ground to the left of where you entered.

Guidance - Offers visions to help and guide.

#1 When playing as Sam at the start of Episode 1 you’ll come across a large rock statue, with a sign about butterflies on it, right before you enter the cable car area at the foot of the mountain. If you look to the right of the statue you will find this Guidance Totem resting beside the rocks.

#2 In Episode 2, when you first gain control of Chris, move down the stairs and instead of following Josh head back towards the gate that leads to the cable car area. As soon as the camera angle shifts you should spot the totem gleaming on the ground in the middle of the path.

#3 This Totem is found when playing as Michael in Episode 3. Before you cross the bridge beside the waterfall, look to the left of the path, and you should spot this Totem resting in the snow at the foot of a snowy tree.

#4 In episode 4, when playing as Michael, head down the stairs towards the elevator inside the barn. Ignore Jessica’s pleas for help right now, instead turn to the left at the bottom of the stairs. You should spot this Guidance Totem resting on the barn floor at your feet.

#5 Follow Emily up the stairs after you shimmy around the cable car in Episode 5. Move directly across from the top of the stairs to find this collectible resting in the snow right off the side of the path.

#6 This Totem can be found shortly after Emily and Matt trigger the Firetower’s motion sensor lights in Episode 6. Look directly to the left after you regain control of Emily, and you should spot this Totem lying on the ground beside the picnic table.

Loss - Foretells tragedies affecting friends.

#1 After you regain control of Chris in the basement in Episode 2, turn around and walk straight forward towards the object with the sheet tossed over it. You should spot the shimmering of this Loss Totem resting on the floor. Interact with it to witness the scene inside, and claim it in your collectibles book.

#2 This Totem can be found just outside the mines when you’re playing as Michael in Episode 2. When you exit the mines on the opposite side, turn to the left, and follow the path down towards the blockage that originally forced you to detour. Here you’ll find this Totem shimmering in the snow, just waiting to reveal its secrets.

#3 In Episode 8, after Chris and the Stranger have made their way to the barn to get Josh, continue into the barn, and out the other side to find this Totem resting in the snow near the corner.

#4 As you head towards the sanatorium doors in Episode 5, turn left, and follow the stairs down the side of the building. This will lead to a small alcove in the building’s side, which will let Michael climb into the basement. Move forward and through the broken fencing, then turn left to spot this Totem resting in a puddle near the wall.

#5 Choose the “Investigate Voice” option in Episode 9, but make sure not to open the hatch if you want to survive. Once you’ve moved into the lower area press forward until you reach a small fork in the tunnel. To snag the collectible you’ll need to look to your left, and move into the next area with the two barrels. This collectible can be found on the ground just past the barrels.

#6 When Matt meets up with Jessica in Episode 10, move forward through the door and down the tunnel until you come to a set of minecart tracks. Head to Matt’s left to find this Totem resting between the tracks.

Danger - Warns of dangerous events.

#1 The first Danger Totem can be found shortly after taking control of Michael in Episode 2. As you make your way to the generator building to activate the power, look to the left of the path and you should spot this Totam resting in the snow.

#2 When playing as Michael in Episode 3, move forward along the path just after you regain control on the other side of the faller trees. You should spot a snow plough, half buried in the snow. Turn left here, and continue up the path to a dead end, where you should spot this Totem laying in the snow.

#3 Right after activating the elevator in the mines in Episode 6, move down the stairs until you reach the cavern floor. You should spot the shimmering of this collectible in front of a wooden barrel before you exit through the doorway right beside the shovel.

#4 When playing as Michael in Episode 9, make your way to the main room of the sanatorium. After you’ve equipped yourself with the torch and shotgun, make your way to the back corner opposite of where you found the gun. Pass through the door, and then turn left in the room just before the exit to the cemetery outside. You should spot this Totem resting on the floor.

#5 When playing as Ashley in Episode 9, follow the tunnel until you spot a group of barrels on the right-hand side. Turn left here, and you should spot this collectible lying in a small alcove beside some metal sheets.

#6 After Sam climbs completely out of the mines in Episode 10, follow the right path around the first two forks in the road. You should spot this Totem shimmering in the snow directly in your path.

Fortune - brings dreams of luck and good fortune.

#1 Once Mike and Jessica have moved the minecart in Episode 2, follow the tracks up until they end at a wall of fencing and boards. This first Fortune Totem will be found beside the junk pile, at the foot of the fencing.

#2 This Totem can be found right in front of the gates to the sanatorium in Episode 5. When playing as Michael, move to the left of the massive frozen water fountain in front of the sanatorium. You should easily spot this collectible glimmering on the path ahead of you, just before the gates.

#3 As you follow Emily along the path in Episode 5, keep an eye out for this Totem in the snow. You should spot it resting near a tree just to the right after you leave the wooden Cliffside walkway on your way to the Firetower.

#4 After getting the flares from the Stranger in Episode 8, continue down the path until you reach a minecart resting against fallen stones on the left side of the tunnel. Now duck into the small area to the right to snag this collectible from the wooden plank floor.

#5 You’ll find this collectible in Episode 10. When playing as Sam, move forward towards the underground pond. Just before you climb down into it, look to your right, and you should spot this collectible right beside the railing.

#6 When playing as Josh in Episode 10, follow Michael until you reach a fork in the road before the underground pond. Move down the left path to find this collectible at the end.

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