Pillars of Eternity the White March Side Quests, Tasks, and Companion Guide

A complete guide to the side quests, tasks, and other additions available to players in Pillars of Eternity's newest DLC, The White March Part One.


Pillars of Eternity is set within a massive world filled with intriguing quests, and fantastic old-school RPG combat. It’s a return to the beauty of the original RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape torment. This guide will walk you through the various Side Quests, Tasks, and other additional content that can be found within the Pillars of Eternity White March DLC. Because of the complex nature of RPGs, and the multiple paths that some quests offer, we will only be offering a walkthrough for the path we chose. This guide may be updated at a later date to showcase all the various paths.

Once you’ve installed the White March DLC, it’s exceptionally easy to get started. This DLC area will open up to players soon after they begin Act 2 of the game’s main story. Because of this you’ll want to continue with your most-recent Pillars of Eternity save, and simply play from there. If your save file is further along than the DLC's base level of 10, you’ll be given the option to scale the leveling and difficulty of the coming quests up to your current level. This will not change the rewards, however, but it will keep the game from being too unbalanced.

Overstaying His Welcome - Side Quest

This quest can be picked up inside of the Gref’s Rest. Speak with the innkeeper, Haeferic, and you’ll be asked to check up on a suspicious looking Orlan who has rented the back room. Haeferic ultimately wants to get rid of the little trouble-maker, but he doesn’t want to hurt him. Finish up the conversation and then move into the back hall of the inn. Head to the last door in the back, open it up, and move inside to speak to the Orlan in the Gref’s Rest. Upon speaking to him you’ll learn that he’s an escaped slave, and that he just wants to escape the village, but a slave hunter named Defala is tracking him down. He also reveals that rumors state she is camped somewhere west of Stalwart Village. Agree to help him and then leave the inn to track down the slave hunter.

To find Defala you’re going to need to head Russetwood. Then you’ll want to head west until you spot the slave hunter and her party camped alongside a wagon carrying a cage. Speak with the woman, and she’ll advise you that Ailef, the Orlan, is also wanted for the murder of his master’s young child. You can either turn on the slave, or take out the slave hunter like you agreed to earlier. We chose to side with the Orlan, which meant we needed to return to Ailef once we were finished with Defala. If you choose to turn on him, simply follow the remaining quest instructions to return him to Defala.

A Lovely Drop - Side Quest

Just outside of the Gref’s Rest you’ll find a man named Reyfald. Speak with him to learn that he hid away during the battle. Towards the end of the conversation he will ask you to search the Gref’s Rest cellar for Fennlan Liquor.

Head inside, and beeline past Haeferic, and down the stairs to the cellar. Inside you’ll find several people gambling. Ignore them, and activate your sneaking mode. Now move slowly towards the wine rack at the back of the room. You should spot several traps on the floor in front of the rack. If you want to get the Fennlan Liquor you’re going to have to disarm each trap to get the item.

Once the traps are disarmed and you have to bottle it’s time to return to Reyfald. He’ll thank you for the liquor, pay you 100CP, and then take a huge swallow. Looks like things aren’t as good as they seem.

Reyfald’s tongue and face with go numb and he’ll beg you to ask Haeferic about a cure. Head inside the inn and speak with the innkeeper. He’ll laugh, and tell you about two ingredients that he’ll need to create an antidote. Head out of the inn and over to Russetwood to find ingredients for a cure for Reyfald.

The ingredients you’re looking for are River Reeds and an Ice Troll’s Heart. To find these items just run around Russetwood until you come across them. It shouldn’t take you very long. Just be careful because of the various enemies hiding in the area. Once you have the ingredients return to Haeferic.

Once Haeferic has finished crafting the potion all you need to do is give the antidote to Reyfald.

His Better Half - Side Quest

During your travels across Longwatch Falls you should come across a torn pack, and a soul. Interact with the soul to learn that a young Dyrwoodan named Ygadr was killed while looking for his soul twin. This will activate the quest, and now you’ll need to discover how Ygadr died. To do this head north towards the hot springs. Once the Lagufaeth have been dealt with search the area for Ygadr’s Journal. Inside you’ll learn that he kept having visions of a cave behind a waterfall.

To find this cave scroll your mouse across the screen to the east (right). You should spot the river that runs through the area. Follow it south until you reach the waterfall near the edge of the map. Move your party here, and then head into the cave to find Ygadr’s soul twin.

Inside the cave you’ll discover that Ygadr’s soul twin is a dragon. If you have a high enough set of stats you can talk your way out of the fight, and end up healing the dragon, and separating the bonds that he has to his other soul twins. If you do not have these skills you’re going to have to fight the Alpine Dragon. He’s a tough enemy, so make sure your party is ready for the fight before you move into the cave. Once he’s been defeated, or healed, the quest will conclude and you can continue on your way.

A Good Haul - Side Quest

Top pick up this quest you’ll need to speak with Feara in the Gref’s Rest. Once you’ve accepted the quest you’re going to need to travel up the mountain towards Durgan’s Battery. Head north out of town, and travel to Durgan’s Battery. Once you arrive you’ll find to find the Lagufaeth and Feara’s artifacts. It isn’t hard to find the wrecked caravan. Simply move north until you come to a bridge in the middle of the area. Cross the bridge, then head south until you run into a pack of Lagufaeth. Take them out and then search the caravan to find the artifacts. Once you have the artifacts leave Durgan’s Battery and return to Feara at the Gref’s Rest.

The Hunter's Favor - Side Quest

While in Stalwart head to Thyrsc’s house. If you can’t locate it then open up your map and you should spot it near the northeastern exit. Talk to Thyrsc and he’ll ask you to help him find a wolf that resides in the Russetwood area west of town. Accept the quest then head to Russetwood to hunt down the wolf.

You’ll find the wolf in the center cave at the top of the area. Head inside to trigger a conversation box. Your goal now is to bring down your quarry. Inside the cave you’ll learn that the wolf that Thyrsc has been trying to kill is a spiritshifter, and you’ll be able to reach out to the beast’s soul. Reach out and you’ll learn that the creature is really Thyrsc’s son, Suldrun. You have two options here.

  • Option 1: Kill the wolf, save the wounded villager in the cave, and return to Thyrsc.
  • Option 2: Back away, exit the cave, let Suldrun kill the villager, and free Suldrun from his curse by returning the totem to the altar.

If you decide to go with option 2, head back out of the cave, ignoring the pleas of the wounded villager. In the vision that you glimpsed from the wolf’s soul you’ll have learned of a totem that Suldrun removed from a shrine to Galawain. Head east until you spot the altar. Interact with it to witness another vision. Once you’re finished head south towards the Hunter’s Camp in the southern center of the map. Activate your sneak ability, and your Perception skill should pick up the Hunter’s Totem in a log to the right of the camp’s entrance.

Once you have the totem head back up to the altar and place it there. This will trigger another piece of dialogue, and once that is finished return to the cave and head inside to find Suldrun in his normal form. Speak with him, and finish out the conversation. Now it’s time to return to Thyrsc and finish off the quest.

Siege of Cragholdt - Side Quest

More info coming soon.

The Grey Sleeper - Side Quest

More info coming soon.

The One That Got Away - Side Quest

This quest is much like the Durance side quest in the base game. In order to further this quest you'll just need to have the Devil of Caroc in your party, at which point she will offer up conversation that will allow you to look further into her history.

The Thermal Pearl - Task

This task can be picked up from Tealdor, who can be found standing just outside of Renengild’s house. Speak with him and accept the task to find the Thermal Pearl.  Now travel to Longwatch Falls.

Head to the eastern corner of the area and open up your World Map. Select Longwatch Falls, and travel there. Once you arrive it’s time to find the hot springs near Longwatch Falls.

Move forward, following the road in the snow until you spot a purple shimmering orb. Interacting with this orb will trigger a conversation, which will end with you picking up the side quest, His Better Half.

Once you’ve picked up the side quest head north just past Ygadr’s scattered belongings to run into your first batch of Lagufaeth. Take them out, then continue north to find the hot springs. There are several Lagufaeth in the area, so be sure to keep your party alert and healed up. Once you’re near the hot springs you’re going to need to find a thermal pearl.

To find the thermal pearl you’ll have to move all the way to the northernmost area of the hot springs area. Interact with the steaming water to locate the pearl, and then you will need to return to Tealdor outside of the Gref’s Rest.

It’s time to make your way back to Stalwart Village. Head back past the bodies of your fallen enemies, but make sure you go ahead and grab Ygadr’s journal from the western side of the hot springs. It will help out immensely with the His Better Half side quest.

As you prepare to head back to Stalwart Village a conversation scene will trigger, and the thermal pearl will hatch into a baby Lagufaeth. Finish up the prompts, and then return to Stalwart Village and make your way back to Tealdor who is standing beside Renengild’s house. Speak with him, and choose option 2, which will show him the Lagufaeth. He’ll offer to buy it, at which point Eder – if he’s in your party – will advise against the sell. Make your own decision, and then end the conversation.

We chose to keep the creature.

Bounty: The Gleaming Society - Task

Speal with Tealdor outside of the Gref’s Rest to learn that a man named Ulmar and a group called the Gleaming Society are wanted in the area. Accept the contract to take them down, and then head over to Longwatch Falls. You’ll find this group just south of the bridge where they’ve set up camp alongside the river. Take them out, and then return Ulmar’s head to Tealdor. This will finish off this small task, and you can continue on with other quests and tasks.

The Fisherman’s Penance - Task

Following a tip from Galvino that Grynde keeps a stash of ripple sponge in the fishery, sneak in and search the fishery at night. Search the various barrels and shelves until you happen upon Arda’s Bracelet. This will trigger a past vision and you’ll learn that Grynde’s crimes are much larger than his addiction to ripple sponge. At this point he’ll enter the Fishery, and you’ll have to confront him. You can either turn him in to the village officials, kill him, or let him continue to pay for his crimes by carrying on Arda’s work in the Fishery. This concludes this task.

Bounty: Meztla - Task

More info coming soon.

The Devil of Caroc - Companion

To find this new companion you'll need to follow the main questline until you reach Galvino's hut. Follow the trapdoor in the right room to find a cavernous area of rooms below. Now you'll need to make your way along the western path, through the laboratory, and down the tunnels until you reach Galvino's room in the northeastern most area of the map. Make your way through the conversations, and The Devil of Caroc, a soul trapped within a Golem's body, will offer to join you in your search for a soul that can get you into Durgan's Battery. Say that you need her, and you'll be given the option to purchase her for 500CP from Galvino. Accept the price and she will join your party. Picking up this character will trigger the side quest, The One That Got Away.

Zahua - Companion

Zahua is a level 14 Monk that can be found hiding inside one of the fish barrels on the western side of the Fishery in Stalwart Village. As you near the building a cut scene will play. After a man flees from the barrel, head over and interact with it. You’ll discover a head. Pull the head out to locate Zahua and begin a conversation with him. Mention being hired by the village to investigate Durgan’s Battery and he’ll offer to join up with you. Assign him to your current party, or let him return to Caed Nua. There is currently no questline tied to the old monk.

We will continue to update this article as we discover more side quests in the Pillars of Eternity White March DLC. Check back often for new quests, tasks, and information.

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