PlayStation 4 owners unable to play King's Quest due to bug [Update: Sierra responds]

King's Quest is finally here, but if you're expecting to play the game on PlayStation 4, you could be in for quite the headache.


Update: Sierra has issued the following statement regarding this particular issue. "We are aware of an issue preventing PlayStation 4 users who pre-purchased King’s Quest: The Complete Collection from accessing its Chapter 1 “A Knight to Remember.” We apologize for any inconvenience and are working actively with Sony to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Please note that those who have purchased the first chapter individually should be unaffected by this development.  We will keep you posted as we have updates."

Original Story:

Sierra Entertainment’s King’s Quest has launched today, but it appears PlayStation 4 owners are having issues playing its first episode, King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember.

When PlayStation 4 users attempt to launch their version of King’s Quest, the message “to use this application, you must update it” pops up. Unfortunately, there’s no update available yet, leaving many who pre-ordered King’s Quest: The Complete Collection without the first episode to play.

As of now, neither Sony nor Sierra have released any statements regarding this issue. Fortunately, this issue appears to only be affecting those who purchased The Complete Collection edition of King’s Quest, which includes all five episodes for one price. Those who purchase the first episode by itself don’t appear to be affected by this issue.

We’ve reached out to both Sony and Sierra to see if they have any updates regarding this issue. We will update this story accordingly once we hear back from either company.

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