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All Ether Chest Locations in Destiny

A quick guide featuring the locations of every Ether Chest in the game.


This guide will show you the locations of every Ether Chest featured in Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion.

If you’ve been playing Destiny since release, or picked it up within the past couple of months, then you’re most likely already aware of the Queens Wrath bounties, which players can pick up from Petra in The Reef. When completed some of these bounties award players with the Ether Key buff, which lasts for a ninety seconds. During this time players must locate and unlock the Ether Chest.

Make sure you do not die without getting any hits in on the main boss of the world event, as well as while the buff is active. Dying will cause you to lose the buff. It should also be noted that you do not need to have the Wanted bounty from Petra in order to open the chest.

In order to simplify this guide most of the locations will be defined by an image of the in-game area where you can find the chest, as well as a short description of the area.

Cosmodrome - The Forgotten Shores - Drevis, Wolf Baroness

The chest sometimes spawns next to this metal cargo crate.

Look behind this rusted ship to see if the chest spawns here.

Look along the edge of the coast at these rocks for a possible chest spawn.

Check the middle of the beached and rusty boat for a chest spawn.

Sometimes the Ether Chest will spawn near the bow of this rusted and beat-up towboat.

Check the right side of the entrance to the warmind’s bunker for another possible chest spawn.

Cosmodrome - Skywatch - Kalik-12

As soon as you enter into Skywatch from the Lunar Complex turn left and check behind the fence right beside the entrance.

Check the building in the image above for a chest spawn.

This truck near the Hive-Fallen battlefield is another possible chest spawn location.

Check the top of the building that you must enter to get to Terrestrial Complex to find another chest spawn location.

Cosmodrome - The Divide - Pirsir, Pallas-Bane

Turn right immediately after entering The Divide from Dock 13 to spot a possible chest spawn location between these two large chimney pipes.

Check the top of the building directly in front of the entrance from Dock 13. Sometimes the chest will spawn here.

This corner near the back of The Divide, close to the entrance that leads to the Rocket Yard, can sometimes spawn a chest.

This chest is usually easy to spot next to this wall in the middle of The Divide.

Check the decrepit tank to the left of the entrance that leads out of The Divide and into The Breach. Sometimes the chest can be found here.

Cosmodrome - Mothyards - Grayor, Wolf Assassin Bounty

Locate this broken down truck in the middle of the airplane wreckage for another chest location.

This chest spawn is located next to a rock along the coastline to the left of the entrance from the Steppes.

Just below the path that leads up to the Lunar Complex you can find this chest sitting in the open close to the edge of the decrepit airplane’s wing.

To the right of the path that runs through the Mothyards you can find this chest spawn right next to the broken tail wing of the airplane.

This chest spawn can be found under the airplane wing where several Fallen Shanks, Dregs, and Vandals can be found in the Mothyards.

Venus -The Citadel - Peekis, the Disavowed

Head to the left when you enter The Citadel from Ember Caves and look for the large tree next to the broken wall. Several Hobgoblins like to hang out here, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Just to the left of the two Major Minotaurs in the center area you can find this open area along the wall. Hop into it to grab the chest when it spawns here.

Near the cave directly opposite of the two Major Minotaurs you can find a chest resting on top of the flat wall to the left of the cave entrance.

When heading out of The Citadel and towards the Waking Ruins look to the left of the path to find another chest spawn.

Venus -Ember Caves - Beltrik, the Veiled

Follow the path that leads to The Citadel, keeping right where it circles around the large rock formation. Sometimes the chest can be found here.

Near the Vandals and Dregs guarding the path up to Winter’s Run, you can find a chest resting next to this slanted rock.

A chest can spawn in front of this cave right below the platform that leads into Winter’s run.

This chest sometimes spawns in the corner of the platform that leads to Winter’s run. You may also know this platform because of the Major Fallen Captain that hangs out here with Vandals and Dregs.

Venus - Ishtar Cliffs - Mercher Orbiks-11

Head to Ishtar Cliffs and spot this small rock wall at the top of a hill. This is normally where the Vex Sacrifices event takes place. A chest sometimes spawns here.

Locate the tall flat rock near the group of Fallen just ahead of the path that leads into the cliffs from the Shattered Coast.

This chest spawn can be easy to miss as it is located in the cave area where the Vex Minotaur and Harpies spawn in the Ishtar Cliffs region. It is to the left of the path when you are headed through to the Waking Ruins.

This chest spawn can be found on top of the large rock formation to the right of where all the Vex spawn. It is hard to miss when the chest spawns here.

Moon - Anchor of Light - Saviks, Queenbreaker

Look for the bronze looking ventilation shafts along the path as you enter from Archer’s Line to find this chest spawn.

A chest sometimes spawns next to this rock and light near the large Antenna Tower. Often times you can see the golden beam of light jutting from the chest.

This spawn location can be found on the platform to the left of the main Anchor of Light area. This is normally where the Wolves will spawn as well.

This small building right next to the outpost where you track the Guardian in the mission Dark Beyond sometimes spawns a chest on top.

As you enter Anchor of Light from Archer’s Line turn to the right into the area spouting off of the main path. This decrepit metal surface sometimes wields an Ether Chest.

Moon - Archer’s Line - Weksis, the Meek

This chest spawn is found under the v-shaped pillar of the rail-line.

This spawn location is found on top of the rail-line. It’s easy to spot the chest when it spawns here.

Just outside of the ‘Aeronautics of China’ building. This is the same building you enter in the start of the Dark Beyond mission.

Just to the right of the broken dome you can spot this chest spawn beside the Radio Antenna.

You can also find a chest spawn right next to this broken down Rover and Mission station.

Moon - Hellmouth - Veliniks the Ravenous

When traveling through Hellmouth look to the left and spot this large platform down the hill. You’ll find the chest spawn between the stairs and the light.

Just up the hill from the large platform that overlooks the large crater in the middle of the area, this chest spawn can be found on top of the slanted building.

To find this chest spawn you’ll need to follow the path down into towards the lower cave path. You can spot the chest right next to the blue light in the image above.

This chest spawn overlooks the entrance that players use when completing the Phogoth strike. The beam of the chest is usually easy to spot in this location.

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