New Hearthstone 'The Grand Tournament' expansion announced

Blizzard held a live event for Hearthstone today, to announce a new expansion called "The Grand Tournament." It is focused on cards that impact Hero Powers.


After we took some time speculating what today’s Hearthstone-related announcement was, Blizzard has finally announced a new expansion called "The Grand Tournament." It will be similar in scope to Goblins vs Gnomes. The focus of the cards is special effects that impact Hero Powers, by making them cost less or impacting the number of times you can use them. A new "Inspire" keyword will activate each time you use your Hero Power.

The Grand Tournament will be played on a completely new board that offers a number of interactive areas, one of which includes an area where you can partake in some delicious virtual food and will continue to be refreshed as the match continues.

Designer Eric Dodds promised 132 new cards, in their own new packs just like the GvG expansion. Pre-purchases of cards will be available next week, at $50 for 50 packs instead of the usual 40. Pre-purchasing will also get you a special Grand Tournament card back. The expansion will be available next month.

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