How to Unlock Classes in Skyforge

Learn how to unlock all the classes in Skyforge, a new MMORPG which has just entered open beta.


There are currently thirteen classes available in the open beta of's newly released MMORPG, Skyforge. But what players might not realizing going into the game, is that only three of these classes are open from the beginning. In order to play the other classes you’ll need to branch out through your characters Ascension Atlas.

Once you’ve decided which starter class you want to use - Paladin, Lightbinder, or Cryomancer – it’s time to play through the game and upgrade your Ascension Atlas. Right from the start there isn’t much customization open to you. However, as you progress, and reach a node titles ‘Path of the Paladin’ (Or whatever starter class you chose), the upper level of the Atlas will open up and you’ll be able to more uniquely set your character up. This is also when you can begin to map out which classes you want to work towards unlocking.

The stats and skills in the upper levels of the Atlas effect your character as a whole, no matter which class you’re running, which means you’re now looking at permanent improvements to your character. This is also the place where you can unlock new classes, however, it’s going to take quite a bit of effort.

If you zoom out in the Ascension Atlas you’ll be able to see different nodes begin to appear for the other classes in the game. Make your way to these nodes, and activate them to unlock the class’s central node. This is where you have to make it if you want to unlock the class.

Because of the weekly limits on earning Sparks, and because it is such a tedious process to unlock these new classes, we suggest going into the game knowing exactly what class you want to pursue after your starter class. This means you’ll waste less time and Sparks in the long run, and you’ll also have a great idea of what you’ll need to accomplish to use that new class you’ll be working towards.

In order to help you choose the class you want to work towards, we suggest hopping into the training pod back at the Divine Observatory. From here you can try out the different classes, see which one you want to use, and start planning from there. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to actually start working towards any new classes, or even see them in the Ascension Atlas, until you reach a specific node in the system.

Since the Atlas grows larger upon reaching a certain point, it can be easy to get lost in what nodes you need to activate in order to reach your desired class. In order to help alleviate this pain you can easily find the class node you want to unlock, right click on it using your mouse, and then click the ‘find path’ command that appears. This will automatically map out where you need to go in the Ascension Atlas to reach that specific node, which means you’ll spend less time and Sparks on nodes you don’t need.

It’s very important that you plan out your progression in Skyforge, so make sure you take the time to do so. We understand that it can be annoying, and sometimes you just want to hop on and play, but this really is the most efficient way to play the game. If you visit the training pod, try out the classes, and plan out your character’s progression you’ll have a much easier time with the game’s system than if you didn’t.

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