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New Fallout 4 trailers feature lots of guns, power armor, Deathclaws, and more

Bethesda has released a set of Fallout 4 trailers that highlights a number of weapons we can expect to wield in the game as well as allowing us to explore beyond the E3 demo.


Bethesda released some new gameplay videos for Fallout 4 over the weekend that shows us some more of the game in action.

The first trailer is titled “Combat Gameplay Compilation,” and as you’d expect, there are a lot of weapons shown off which includes various assault rifles, pistols, explosives, power armor, and even vehicles. The video also shows off the vault dweller’s canine companion getting in on the action by taking down enemies.

The second trailer focuses on the exploration aspect of Fallout 4 as we get an upclose look at the Pipboy and adventure through some familiar pastures. The video introduces us to some new locations, which appears to be in a more populated area of Massachusetts as the vault dweller is attacked by random raiders. The video has quite the epic ending that involves the use of power armor while taking down a Deathclaw.

Fallout 4 is scheduled to be released on November 10 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you need your Fallout fix prior to its release, be sure to check out Fallout Shelter.

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