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Nintendo Reveals Amiibo Release Line-up and Amiibo Tap

The upcoming line-up of Amiibos was announced today during the Nintendo Direct presentation. Along with it comes the announcement of Nintendo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Hits, a new way to spend your time scanning in Amiibos for extra content.


Nintendo revealed that over a dozen new Amiibos will be hitting stores in the coming months. Some of the most prominent figures include Zero Suit Samus, Doctor Mario, and Bowser Jr. - all set to release in August. 

Lucina Robin will be compatible with Codename STEAM, while Wario will be compatible with Mario Party 10. Furthermore, fans can expect Mewtwo and Lucas Amiibo to release sometime in the future.

Accompanying the Amiibo madness is an upcoming Nintendo eShop game called Amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits. Tapping your Amiibo on the Wii U controller will unlock special content for select NES and SNES games. Each gameplay demo is about 3 minutes long, so it won't possible to experience everything at once. But tapping your Amiibo on the controller will switch you to a new scene. Games will not be associated with specific Amiibo. Instead, content is randomly assigned to whatever Amiibo you use when it is initially scanned. So, you're never quite sure what of content you'll unlock. With dozens of games to try out, you can spend forever trying out different Amiibo to see what they bring. 

Amiibo Tap is expected to release later this spring as a free download.

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