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Pillars of Eternity: Walkthrough - Act I Tasks: Late For Dinner, Vengeance From the Grave

We show you how to complete all of the optional tasks featured within Act I of Pillars of Eternity.


Pillars of Eternity is a massive game with tons of things to do. Along with side quests, tons of main quests, and things like pets, companions, and collectibles to find, it can be a bit confusing on what you should focus on first. In order to eliminate some of that confusion we decided to put together a full list of all the optional tasks featured within Act I. This guide will help you to quickly finish up those tasks so that you can get back to beating in the brains of whatever maddening puzzle you might fight waiting for you in the Endless Paths beneath Caed Nua.

Task: Late for Dinner

The first task featured within Act I can be found by visiting the Black Hound Inn within Gilded Vale. Once here you’ll learn that the cook, Tenfrith, has gone missing. To find out more information speak with Hilde, the Innkeeper, and ask about the Porridge Menu. She’ll mention that Tenfrith traveled north towards Valewood to gather some supplies, but hasn’t returned yet.

Now it’s time to head to the World Map and back into Valewood. Once you enter the area head northeast past the rubble to find a group of bandits camping out and forcing poor Tenfrith to cook for them. He’ll ask for help, at which point you’ll need to dispatch these tyrants and then speak with Tenfrith who will thank you, and advise you to visit him at The Black Hound Inn sometime.

To finish up this task head over to Gilded Vale and travel back to the Inn. Once inside, speak with Hilde and bring up the rescue mission to grab your reward; Savory Pie Crafting Recipe. You can also head into the kitchen and speak with Tenfrith if you so wish.

Task: Vengeance From the Gave

Remember that man named Norton who you met on your way to Gilded Vale? He was the chap who lost his friend in a bear attack. Remember how sad you were for him? Hold onto that for a moment.

To start up this task you’ll want to head to Valewood and look out for a cave around the northeast area. Head inside, make sure your party is ready, and then take on the large bear you’ll find hovering over a dead body. Once the bear is defeated, interact with the body to pick up this task and witness a revealing story. Norton lied about his friend’s death. Turns out the mutilated corpse belongs to Perly, who was wounded and left to die so Norton could escape. The ghost will ask for vengeance, and it’s your duty to deal the killing blow.

Now head into Gilded Vale and up to Ingroed’s home, where you’ll find Ingroed and Norton inside chatting. Speak with Norton and accuse him of his deed to find that Perly was an abusive husband and a terrible friend and that these two are madly in love with each other and planning to run away. Time to make a choice, do you kill Norton? Or let the couple escape in peace and live out their love somewhere else?

If you kill them you make Perly happy and get to keep the few items they might have stashed on their bodies. However, if you have a heart and want their love to prosper you can either take their bribe of 50CP and let them go, or tell them to keep their money and let them go. The choice is yours.

Task: Against the Grain

To start this quest up travel around Gilded Vale towards the windmill, where you’ll witness an altercation. After the argument has ended, move inside the windmill and speak with Trumbel. From here you will be able to offer to speak with Sweynur about his anger at Trumbell.

Now head down to the Black Hound Inn and find Sweynur hanging with his pals inside. Speak with him and then choose a side.

Persuade Sweynur to calm down and tell Trumbel about it for 20CP (and another 20CP if you insist morre), and an average Reputation boost in Gilded Vale.

Kill Sweynur at the Inn, then tell Trumbel about it for 20CP and an average Reputation boost in Gilded Vale.

Tell Trumbel to be nicer to the farmers and then advise Sweynur of this as well for 10CP and better prices at the Inn.

Murder Trumbel and then tell Sweynur he’s dead for ZERO reward and an average Reputation boost, as well as high prices when exchanging items with the Inn.

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