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Pillars of Eternity Side Quests Walkthrough and Guide - Act I: Gilded Vale

A guide to help you complete every Side Quest available within Act I of Obsidian Entertainment's new classic role playing game, Pillars of Eternity.


Pillars of Eternity is a massive game filled with interesting characters, beautiful environments, and plenty of things to do. However, unlike traditional role-playing-games Pillars of Eternity doesn't reward players with experience points for defeating enemies in combat. This makes exploration and quest completion the only ways to earn experience towards leveling up your party. Luckily, there are plenty of Side Quests and Tasks to be completed throughout Dyrwood, and these quests and tasks open up as soon as players reach the first stop on their journey, Guilded Vale.

NOTE: It should go without saying... but beyond this point there will be spoilers, lots and lots of nitty gritty beautiful spoilers.

Side Quest: A Mother’s Plea

This first side quest is found within Act 1. To get it started you’ll want to head to Aufra’s house in Gilded Vale. Speak with her inside to learn that she is expecting a child, and is worried that the child will be hollowborn. You can also share the news of the caravan being hit, as well as the death of her sister Calisca if you choose to. However, after speaking with her she’ll ask for your help, at which point she will offer you 20 CP up front to travel to Anslog’s Compass and speak with an Aumauan healer named Mother Ranga to obtain goods to keep her child from being born without a soul.

Accept the quest and then head out into town and continue with your main quest until you are able to travel to Anslog’s Compass.

New Quest Info: Travel to Anslog’s Compass and speak to Mother Ranga.

To reach Anslog’s Compass you’ll need to travel south through Magran’s Form and then make your way to the southern exit to reach Anslog’s Compass. Continue moving through this new area, taking out any roaming Xaurips you come into contact with, until you reach the camp where Ranga and her assistant have setup. Once you speak to Ranga mention that Aufra sent you, and you’ll be asked if you are the one who slayed the Xaurips on the way here.

Quest Info Updated: Clear out the Xaurips.

To advance the quest you’ll need to remove all of the Xaurip threats from the map. There are the two groups which you probably defeated on your way to meet Ranga, as well as a camp of them up in the northeastern area of the map. There are also a few guarding a Sea Cave nearby. While you’re busy clearing out the hostilities of the area, you might as well defeat the five Guls in the southeastern area in order to clear the peninsula so you can grab the items hidden there. Once you’ve defeated the Xaurips, return to Ranga, and you’ll then be asked to clear the Sporeling and Dank Spore threat from the nearby cave.

Quest Info Updated: Collect Dank Spores

The easiest way to deal with the Sporelings is to lure them away from the Dank Spore and around the corner. This will ensure your party isn’t taking damage from the Dank Spore, as well as removing the threat of any party members being charmed by the Dank Spore’s attacks. Defeat the Sporelings and then head around the corner and take out the Dank Spore before collecting all of the spores they drop. Now head back out of the cave and speak with Ranga again. Hand over the spores when asked to, and take the potion that she gives you. Unfortunately it’s a placebo, so you’re going to need to make a moral decision on things before this quest ends. Rest before you continue traveling – thankfully you can rest for free at Ranga’s camp – and then head back to Gilded Vale after buying or selling any items through Ranga.

Quest Info Updated: Return to Aufra

Head back to Guilded Vale and then move straight to Aufra’s house. Once you’re inside, speak with her, and hand over the potion. This is the tricky part, as you’ll need to decide which final quest decision fits your play-style and character better. You can either

A: Tell Aufra the truth and admit that the potion is simply a placebo. Doing so will net a 10CP reward (along with the 20CP you received at the start) from Aufra, as well as a Potion of Minor Regen, Potion of Minor Recovery, and a Potion of Minor Stamina from Ranga for killing the Xaurips.

B: Lie to Aufra, and allow her to believe that the placebo potion will help her. Doing this will net you 10CP from Aufra(along with the 20CP you received at the start), and a Cloak of Minor Protection upon your return to speak with Ranga.

Once your decision is made, select it in the conversation options and finish up the quest.

Side Quest: The Smith’s Shipment

In order to start his quest up you’ll need to head to the blacksmith’s shop ion Gilded Vale. To find it simply open up your map with M and locate the house atop the hill just to the right of the crumbled temple. Once you’re inside speak with Tuatana to learn that he’s been waiting for a shipment of supplies, which haven’t arrived yet. Agree to keep a lookout for his supplies while traveling to pick up this quest.

New Quest Info: Travel to the Black Meadow

This first quest objective isn’t hard. You’ll simply need to travel from Gilded Vale to Magran’s Fork, and then head out the eastern exit to reach Black Meadow. Just north and to the east alongside the road you’ll find an overturned wagon which is stuffed with crossbow bolts.

Quest Info Updated: Track down the shipment.

Continue along the road north as carefully as possible as there are enemies around this area. Continue northwest to the corner of the map, be sure to avoid the two trolls patrolling this area if you don’t want to fight them, and engage in combat with the four bandits around the camp you’ll find just east of the trolls. Now check the barrel, crates, and the Bandit corpses to find the supplies. The most important part is hidden within the crate with the barrel atop it.

Quest Info Updated: Return to Tuatanu

This final part of the quest is simple, return to Gilded Vale and enter the Blacksmith’s shop and speak with Tuatanu to return the supplies and gain a reward.

Side-Quest: Buried Secrets

To start this quest up you’ll need to head down the stairs and into the crumbled temple just beside the hanging tree. Once inside the initial chamber you’ll find the slumped form of Wirtan. Speak with him to receive a request and start up this quest.

New Quest Info: Search the Temple

You’re going to be doing a lot of fighting this time around, so we highly suggest picking up some extra potions as well as resting at the inn to make sure you’re in tip top condition. Once you’re convinced you’re ready to go simply head deeper into the temple.

You’ll be simply clearing this area room by room now. Just keep moving through each room, defeating the Will-O-Wisps and Ivory Spinners that you find. Once you reach the Main Altar Chamber (the long room with the stairs at one end) slay the enemies and then head up the stairs to speak with the hovering spirit. Also make sure to check any bookcases you find as some will contain a Book of Verses which will give you a clue to the Ritual Bells Chamber.

Next you’ll want to use your Scouting abilities to find a Hollow Book atop the stairs in the Main Altar room, and be sure to grab the Engraved Silver Key for the Ritual Bells Chamber.

With both items in tow head into the nearby chamber that’s crawling with spiders and then head southwest until you come to an archway with a triplet of Skuldr hanging around nearby. Take out the enemies then head into the Reflection Pool Ritual Chamber. Once inside three additional Skuldr will appear. Take them out and then speak with the ghost to learn a few clues.

Now head into the Ritual Bells Room and ring the bells in order from Right, Middle, Left, and then Right. This should allow you to pass through the doorway and into the lower area of the dungeon.

Quest Info Updated: Find the remains of the Eothasian Priests

Now you should be inside the stairwell chamber. Kill the lurking Shadow nearby and enter the main corridor and head northeast to find a locked door. Open this door with 4 Mechanics, +5 Lockpicks, or 5 Mechanics.

If you don’t meet those requirements you’ll need to head through the opposite door and take out the enemies inside. Once all your foes are down turn the wooden valve to drain the water from the chamber just to your south. Grab the Gleaming Silver Key from the floor and then head down the stairs, into the water and take out the Ooze and Shadow awaiting you. Once they are dead move southeast to the dead-end passageway, and use your Scouting ability to find a nearby lever which will open up the locked door at the end of this passageway.

Move into the vault and walk over to the glowing corpse to pick up the remains. With the bones now in your possession head back to Wirtan.

Quest Info Updated: Return to Wirtan

Once you return to Wirtan you have quite a few options for ending the quest.

A: Give Wirtan the bones and banish the traitor into exile

  • No Reward

Wirtan will join Gramrfel’s party at Magran’s Fork. You’ll see him there when you reach Copperlane.

B: Give Wirtan the bones and advise him to redeem himself

  • No reward
  • Receive a Reputation Boost in Gilded Vale

C: Ignore Wirtan, leave the temple, and give the bomes to the Magistrate.

  • No Reward
  • Receive a Reputation boost in Gilded Vale

D: Kill Wirtan because he deserved it

  • No Reward
  • Lose Reputation in Gilded Vale

E: Give the bones to Wirtan

  • Reward of 200CP

F: kill Wirtan for being a creep and give the bones to Magistrate Urgeat in Gilded Vale

  • Reward of 300CP
  • Receive average Reputation Boost in Gilded Vale

Make your choice and complete it to finish up the quest.

Side Quest: Lord of a Barren Land

You’ll only unlock this quest after completing A Mother’s Plea and The Smith’s Shipment.

New Quest Info: Travel to Raedric’s Keep

Be prepared for a journey as you head into this next quest. There are not only multiple steps to take, but there are also multiple ways to go about getting the job done. You’ll pick up this quest after speaking with Kolsc outside of Aufra’s home in Gilded Vale. To travel to Raedric’s Keep you’ll need to head into the World Map and then over to Ernstwood. Once in Ernstwood travel all the way east along the cobblestone road until you reach the World Map once more, and then select Raedric’s Keep.

NOTE: We have labeled each different area of this walkthrough to make things easier to understand.

Planning your entrance

As mentioned in the start of this guide, there are multiple ways to take this area on. The most direct route is to head straight up the middle, the quickest route is to travel up the vines along the northern wall, and the route with the most loot is to enter via the dungeon using a strong character or a crowbar from the Blacksmith in Gilded Vale.

 Fighting Through the Center

To head through the most direct route you’ll want to move forward until you meet Nudwin and Cletlan. Kill them and then continue until you fight about nine more guards. Once these nine are down you’ll want to move up the center stairs and take on another six guards. No you can either

Open the Archway door and walk to the Keep Hall. Taking this route will skip all the loot within the keep and you’ll need to move down to the area in this guide marked Throne Room Assault.

Or if you’re move privy to picking up lots of fantastic loot to sell and equip head into the upper battlements. This is also the route you’ll want to take if you wish to get the most from this quest. Head through the upper battlements and into the Temple Storage area within the Northern Tower before skipping forward to the section of this guide marked Finding the Priest.

The Quickest Way In

To go up the vines you’ll need to head north along the moat until you spot these vines jutting down from the upper battlements. Climb up by interacting with them and then head east to fight six guards. Open up the arched doorway to head into the Northern Tower and access storage. Now move into Raedric’s Sanctuary to position yourself right above the throne room.

If you take this route make sure you stop by the Armory on the way to the throne room.

Dungeon Crawling and Osyra’s Offer

Head east down the moat to find a grated sewer entrance. You’ll need someone strong to bend the bars, or if everyone in your party is on the weaker side, you can pick up a crowbar from the Blacksmith in Gilded Vale.The wonderful thing about entering through the dungeon is the amount of treasure you’ll come across, as well as an optional part of the quest you’ll find when traveling deeper into the keep.

Head up the pipe from the entrance to enter a drain room. Now you’ll want to head northwest into a pool chamber where you will need to fight several enemies. Once the enemies are down continue west to fight another group of baddies before gathering the treasure stored here.

Now it’s time to head southeast. Once you reach the furthest southeastern room you’ll locate a ladder which will lead up to a trap door. Climb up to enter the lower ramparts of the keep, and do battle with the enemies within.

From here you’ll want to move towards the center of the dungeons to find 4 cells and a prisoner. Take out the enemies guarding the cell and if you have a high enough Mechanics skill, open up the door and speak with the man inside. If you don’t you’ll need to wait until a little later to grab the key.

Continue moving towards the center until you enter a room with six undead foes. Take them out then turn northeast to find a door. Head through this door to meet Osyra, where you’ll be given a chance to either, Fight her, or side with her. If you choose to fight her you’ll need to kill her and her bodyguards. However, once they are dead you can return to the cell mentioned before and unlock it with the Rusty Key you’ll find on her corpse. If you choose to side with her you’ll need to travel to the Northern Tower and find Nedmar and kill him.No matter what you decide to do, head past Osyra and into the kitchen. If you want to head straight into the final action of the quest then continue on and battle the guards. However, if you want to pick up the full side portions of the quest you’ll need to take the stairs in the kitchen to enter Temple Storage.

Finding the Priest and Nedmar’s Offer

Once inside Temple Storage take a quick gander through the chests to find some Priest Robes for your party. If you don’t want to fight everything between here and China make sure to go ahead and equip these bad boys. Once done head into the long hallway through the door just east of you.

To find Nedmar you’ll need to walk northeast and find the last door in this area. Enter it and speak with the NPC here to be given the option of picking up Nedmar’s quest.

Now you have to make a choice. Either kill Nedmar to make Osyra happy, or kill Osyra and release the prisoner to make Nedmar happy.

Completing Osyra or Nedmar’s Perilous Task

Depending on which side you choose to take, the quest will end different ways. Siding with Nedmar will give you the Burnished Steel Key which will allow you to enter through the final area of the quest via the Chancery. In order to complete his quest you’ll need to head back to Temple Storage and down the stairs into the kitchen. From there move into the Dungeon, kill Osyra, and use the Rusted Key to free the prisoner Giacco from his cell.

If you choose Osyra’s side you’ll be given passage to the throne room via a nice secret passage.

Throne Room Assault

No matter how you decide to enter the throne room, there will still be choices to make. If you come in through the middle, fighting your way up, you’ll be greeted with pointy swords and anger. If you come in through Osyra’s secret passageway, you’ll be given a chance to speak with Raedric before fighting. The same is true for entering through the Chancery by helping out Nedmar.

Cousins Killing

Speak with Raedric before going into battle to be given the choice of either continuing on your killing spree, or changing heart and going after Kolsc. Turns out the two fools are cousins, and if you side with either one you’ll need to kill the other.

Choosing to side with Kolsc will result in a very long, very tough fight with all of the enemies in the throne room. After the fight Kolsc will show up, thank you, and you’ll be rewarded with a large Reputation boost in Gilded Vale, a decrease in Reputation in Defiance Bay, and the ending of the game will be affected.

Choosing to side with Raedric will require you to travel to the crumbling house in Magran’s Fork and take on Kolsc and his pals. This will give you a large decrease in Reputation within Gilded Vale, and a decent Reputation boost in Defiance Bay. Raedric will also reward you with loot from the keep, and the ending of the game will be affected.

Or, if you can’t decide between the two, you can simply kill both of them, at which point they will show up in a later quest called “The Champion of Berath”.

Completing the quest will net you with around 500CP and a Justice Find Great Sword.

Finished with Act I already? Don't worry we're working on Act II.

Make sure to complete all of the Optional Tasks in Act I as well.

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