Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC - Bicorn Collectibles

Our complete guide to finding all 23 of the Napoleon Bicorns hidden throughout Saint Dennis.


Assassin’s Creed Unity has kept players busy collecting cockades, opening chests, and even cracking the solutions of tough as nail riddles since it released late last year. If you’ve yet to pick up the game, then you’re missing out, because the new DLC, Dead Kings, has added even more goodies to be found.

Across all 7 of the new districts in the Dead Kings DLC, Ubisoft have hidden 23 new collectibles, the Napoleon Bicorns, and gathering up all these collectibles will reward the player with a special outfit, Napoleon’s Artillery Outfit.

Basilica – 7 Total


Head to the top of the Basilica and make your way to the point where the building forms a cross to find this collectible hovering on the rooftop.


Climb to the top of the synch point on the Basilica and take a leap of faith into the hay cart in the street below to collect this Bicorn on the way down.


To find this Bicorn you’re going to need to head just northwest of the Basilica and into the marketplace where you previously tailed Napoleon’s Lieutenant in Memory 5 of the Dead Kings DLC. Climb atop the pavilion to find this collectible floating in the air between the roof’s open top.


To find the next Bicorn you’re going to need to head to the northern most corner of the map from the Basilica. Head to the edge of the map to find this collectible hovering on a wooden platform.


Now you need to head south of the Basilica, to the half-circle building which runs beside it. Head to the gate in the middle and climb to the top to find this collectible hovering in the air.


Head to the area indicated on the map above and climb to the top of the smokestack to find this Bicorn hovering in the air.


Once you reach the area I’ve marked on the map above you’ll need to locate the building with the balcony and the French Tricolor flag. Now climb up to the balcony to collect this Bicorn.

Cemetery – 4 Total


Head to the rectangular set of buildings along the northern edge of the map. Locate the spiraled rooftop which looks similar to a witch’s hat. Climb to the top to grab this Bicorn.


You’ll find this Bicorn floating on a smokestack where I’ve marked it on the map above.


Head to the tower marked on the map and climb up it to find this Bicorn.


This Bicorn is located at the top of the tower marked on the map.

Windmill – 4 Total


Head to the marked area on the map above and climb to the rooftops of the rectangle set of buildings. You’ll need to locate a wooden platform area between two of the buildings and then locate the Bicorn hovering over a wooden beam that juts out of the building.


Climb to the top of the broken tower just south of the Windmill to find this collectible.


Head to the southeastern corner of the Windmill district to find this collectible hovering on top of a small crypt with a cross on the top.


Once you reach the area marked on the above map you’ll need to locate the church with the belltower. Climb up to the top and then take a leap of faith into the hay cart below to grab this one on the way down.

Catacombs – 4 Total


For this Bicorn you’ll want to head into the Catacombs and back into the area where you found Napoleon’s Chest. Once you arrive at the area right outside the gate wall, you’ll want to drop off the bridge and follow the right corridor, until you spot a storage area with some barrels inside it. You should also spot the Bicorn floating above it.


The next Bicorn is found in the same large area. Head from the last collectible’s location across the bridge, up the stairs that lead to the area where you found Napoleon’s chest, and then down into the area below. Then look for a ladder on the other side of the room, and climb up it to grab this Bicorn.


This Bicorn is floating right over the surface of the water as you swim through the front entrance of the Catacombs into the deeper areas.


You’ll find this collectible hovering over the water as you move between the Catacombs and the Quarry. Dive into the water to grab it.

Quarry – 4 Total


It’s hard to miss this Bicorn floating over a wooden platform right along the path marked above. 


You’ll need to climb to the upper pathway along the side of the tunnel. Then run and jump across the gap between the wooden platforms to find this collectible.


Move through the Quarry to the area marked on the map to locate this Bicorn floating in the lower area between two sections of the tunnels.


Remember the area with all the rats from Memory 2: The Book Thief? It’s time to head back into that room, this time you’ll want to head up the side of the room, climbing until you spot the Bicorn floating on a platform to the left. Jump over to claim it.

Royal Crypt – 3 Total


This next Bicorn requires a bit of running, but you’ll need to head to the area marked on the map. Once you reach the hallway with the collectible you’ll need to move to where it opens into a large room. Then drop down into the area, and look up and to your left. You should spot the Bicorn floating over a wooden beam with a lantern hanging off of it. Climb up to grab the collectible.


From the last collectibles location drop down and head into the door straight ahead (you should be moving in a different direction than you entered). Following the hallway should place you in a room with Bats, use your Lantern to scare them away, and make your way across the platforms on the right wall to the one in the corner to find this Bicorn below the first set of wooden beams, hovering over a wooden platform.


To find this Bicorn head into the room right outside of the Temple (the one with the ghostly figure pointing at the door). Drop to the main floor and then locate a small alcove under a wooden platform on the left to find this Bicorn floating inside.

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