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Sunset Overdrive Complete Walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough for Insomniac Game's Sunset Overdrive.


Welcome to Sunset City, the most beautiful city in the world... or at least it once was. Now it's overrun with mutants and all kinds of bad things, and it's our job to help you make your way through this mess. What do you mean you've never shot a gun before? Don't worry we've got you covered with step by step instructions. So what are you waiting for? We've got a city to save... or something like that!

ACT One:

  • Mission 1: Horror Night - Fizzco's new energy drink release goes horribly wrong. Learn how to bounce and grind your way through Sunset City, and get your hands on the Flaming Compensator.
  • Mission 2: One Man's Trash - Time to take out the OD and collect some parts for Floyd, one of your primary sources for missions in Sunset Overdrive
  • Mission 3: Amp it Up - Collect Fizzie Balloons and learn about the different materials you'll need to create Amps.
  • Mission 4: Amptastic - Wait for the Overcharge Meter to fill and take on the Herker and waves of OD attacking the base.
  • Mission 6: A New Friend - Use the TNTeddy to defend Sam while he readies the train, then tail him to the Pizzeria.

Act Two:

  • Mission 3: Hot Dog! - Investigate the hot dog factory for any sign of Troopmaster Bryllcream

Act Three:

  • Mission 1: To Fargarthia - Make your way to the small kingdom of Fargarthia... Please, don't bother asking, just go.
  • Mission 4: Bad Medicine - Use your Freeze Bomb to clear out the Fizzco Security security forces and find the drugs.
  • Mission 8: A Hero's Duty - Take on the Fizzco Blad Bots, Rifle Bots, and Bomb Bots before facing off with the Tank Bot.

Act Four:

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