EVE Online getting graphic novel and sourcebook in 2014

CCP announced a deal with Dark Horse Comics today to publish two books in 2014: a graphic novel series based on true EVE events, and a sourcebook.


EVE Online already has a TV show in the works. So, what's next for the CCP-developed MMO? The company announced two upcoming books from Dark Horse Comics today: a graphic novel and a source book.

EVE: True Stories is the first graphic novel to come out of the property, and will feature an impressive line-up of artwork from Alejandro Aragon (28 Days Later), Tomm Coker (Daredevil Noir), Federico Dallocchio (Suicide Squad), Dave Ross (Star Wars: The Crimson Empire Saga) and Mark McKenna (Star Wars: The Old Republic). Daniel Way (Wolverine: Origins) will be writing the book, based on actual player events from the EVE universe. It will start by adapting the fall of the Band of Brothers in 2009. The first issue will be available on February 19, and it will run through April. An anthology of all four comics will go on sale as a hardback on June 4.

The second book, EVE: Source is a visual guide and sourcebook for EVE Online and its companion game, Dust 514. It features 184 pages of full color, with never-seen material detailing settings, races, factions, and stories in the EVE universe. That one will go on sale on March 5.

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