Publishers? Feh!

Here's something for 'fight the man' day. Famed author Stephen King is posting a portion of one of his books on the net for download. It's a new work called The Plant. Mr. King is trying something new. He's looking to publish a book on the net without the middle man book publishers (Who take a large chunk of profits). Lookie:

...a chance to become Big Publishing's worst nightmare. Not only are we going glueless, look Ma, no e-Book! No tiresome encryption! Want to print it and show it to a friend? Go ahead! There's only one catch: all this is on the honor system.

Mr. King says he'll publish at least the first 2 parts, and if the experiment works out and 75% of the people who grab the document send in $1 a piece, he'll continue to publish more of the story. Thanks JCal @ Stomped

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