The Crew coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2014

Ubisoft debuted The Crew today, a racing game with social hooks and online persistence akin to MMOs.


Today at its E3 press conference, Ubisoft debuted The Crew, a racing game with social hooks. It's coming in early 2014. A trailer showed off the typical racing action, then pulled out to highlight the social groupings of players all across the country. Because that's your crew! Get it?

During the state presentation, Ubisoft said it designed the game around sharing with friends. "We've made the entire game an online persistent world, blurring the line between single-player, co-op, and competitive modes," the studio said. This means you'll get rewarded for your efforts with XP and cash, bringing more MMO roots into the racing genre.

Ubisoft also bragged on the variety of its environments, like off-road, forest, mountains, and sand dunes. It aims to replicate racing across the amount of variety you'd find in the entirety of the United States.

It's being developed by Ivory Tower with help from several studios, including Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections.

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