Metal Gear Solid, Yoshi's Land spotted in Wii U 'mock-up' menu

A Wii U debug menu that was hacked over the weekend has been called a "mock up" by Nintendo. The menu has been removed, but that doesn't answer if some games spotted inside were legitimate, including Metal Gear Solid and Yoshi's Land.


Nintendo launched the Wii U over the weekend, and a hacking concern came up almost immediately when a user posted what appeared to be debug menu screenshots. The company has acknowledged and fixed the problem, but now lingering questions remain regarding some games spotted inside the menu.

It all started when a NeoGAF user claimed he had stumbled upon the menu, which contained admin posts and mentions of unannounced games. Nintendo told Games Industry International that the menu was a "mock up," and says it has now been removed so it is no longer accessible.

Left out of Nintendo's explanation, though, was any word on whether games spotted in the menu are representative of upcoming titles. These included Yoshi's Land Wii U, Soul Hackers, Metal Gear Solid, and "Resident Evils." These could have been fake game titles picked as part of the mock-up, but hope springs eternal.

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