Resident Evil 6 trailer released, date moved up

A leaked Resident Evil 6 trailer from the upcoming Captivate 2012 event slaps a new release date on the game: October 2, 2012.


Update: The official trailer has now been released and it's embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Resident Evil 6 (or "President Evil" to the oh-so clever Internet) is one of the games shown off at Capcom's annual Captivate event. Before the official embargo lifts, though, trailers are already leaking like a bullet-riddled boat, including one for the next title in the zombie series.

The trailer shows the usual explosions and zombie pandemonium you'd expect from a Resident Evil game, but the surprise comes at the end. The previously announced November 20 trailer is removed, and replaced with one reading October 2, 2012. It seems you'll actually get a chance to cap more undead a little sooner than planned.


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