Eminem vs. Napster


Ut oh, Napster better watch out, Eminem is after them! Everyone's favorite white rapper has a few choice words for them in this excellently worded speech from Yahoo Urban News (I took the liberty of reinserting the curses). Thanks Tookycat.

"I think that shit is fucking bullshit," says Eminem, who's also had his home address and phone number revealed on the Internet. "Whoever put my shit on the Internet, I want to meet that motherfucker and beat the shit out of him, because I picture this scrawny little dickhead going, 'I got Eminem's new CD! I got Eminem's new CD! I'm going to put it on the Internet.' I think that anybody who tries to make excuses for that shit is a fucking bitch. I'm sorry; when I worked 9 to 5, I expected to get a fucking paycheck every week. It's the same with music; if I'm putting my fucking heart and all my time into music, I expect to get rewarded for that. I work hard Â… and anybody can just throw a computer up and download my shit for free. "That Napster shit, if that gets any bigger, it could kill the whole purpose of making music. It's not just about the money Â… It's the thrill of going to the store; you can't wait till that artist's release date, taking the wrapper off the CD and putting the CD in to see what it sounds like. The Internet is taking the whole fucking thrill away from that."
Sounds like Maarten's been writing this guy's speeches, huh?

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