Morning Discussion

The remastered version of Beyond Good & Evil is launching early next month on Xbox Live Arcade for $10 (800MS Points), which is quite surprising considering the climbing prices of downloadable titles. I'm not going to complain though, as the game was already guaranteed to squeeze money out of my wallet. Now I get to save a few bucks!

This is a rare opportunity for console gamers, to rectify a huge mistake we made eons ago. When it was first released in 2003, Beyond Good & Evil was a critical darling but a commercial flop. Now we have a chance to show support for the title years later and perhaps get Ubisoft to start spilling the beans on the game's planned sequel.

It certainly comes highly rated from me based on the original version; however, I'd of course have to play the final version of the remastered game to make sure there are no game destroying bugs. If the game is just a prettier version of the original release with no technical issues then I'll be happy as a boar-like creature named Pey'j.

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