I Am Alive Digital-Only Report was a 'Joke'

Almost one week following an unconfirmed report that the game I Am Alive was being shifted from a retail product to download only, a new report from VG247 says the entire thing was "an unimportant joke."

Jeuxvideo--creators of the original rumor--says that the story, in which they named Ubisoft Toronto's Jade Raymond as a source, was an improvised gag for the site's web show. The French site wrote [translated], "Obviously, anyone who has watched [the web show] Warpzone immediately understood it was an unimportant joke." The site now claims that Raymond told them that Ubisoft had nothing to do with the joke that that the company would like to make it clear that the report was not true.

When the original report was released, we contacted Ubisoft to try to confirm. We were told, from an Ubi rep, that the company had not "officially announced anything regarding the launch date or platforms for I Am Alive." Since Raymond's name had been used to provide the false information and is now being used to debunk said false information, Shacknews has contacted Ubisoft, again, for clarification. Ubisoft has yet to respond.

It's entirely possible that Ubisoft is busy changing all marketing material for I Am Alive to reflect what we presume based on its silence regarding the game, will be its new title:
I Am Alive, But Presently In a Coma.

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    February 8, 2011 7:37 AM

    Still coming out PC? I hope so, WITHOUT THE DRM THANK YOU

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