Lead & Gold Dev Announces Co-op Puzzle Adventure 'Hamilton's Great Adventure'

After swaggering into the wild frontier with Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West, developer Fatshark has set its sights on new uncharted territory with Hamilton's Great Adventure for PC and unnamed consoles, which it announced today.

Starring "the splendiferous adventurer Ernest Hamilton and his brilliant bird Sasha," Hamilton's Great Adventure is said to offer "both action puzzling and traditional problem solving" and a "fantastical storyline filled with extravagant escapades and memorable characters." Oh, and co-op. Huzzah! It's slated to launch in April.

Hamilton's built upon the BitSquid engine, as was seen in the Stone Giant tech demo.

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    January 14, 2011 2:43 PM

    looks pretty cool! I think it would have been neat to make a co-op Zak & Wiki (wii) game...

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