Twisted Pixel Bringing Ms. 'Splosion Man and Unannounced Game to PAX East

While it would appear that Twisted Pixel has its attention on other matters, the team took an opportunity to announce its plans for PAX East. Speaking with Joystiq, Twisted Pixel revealed it will be bringing two titles to the Boston-based show: Ms. 'Splosion Man and a unannounced title.

Twisted Pixel did confirm that the as-yet-announced title will be the project currently under the watchful eye of ex-Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale, who joined the indie developer last summer. Along with Teasdale, "a lot of dudes" are "working hard on" the unannounced project, Twisted Pixel promises.

The developer also announced that one lucky fan who comes to its PAX East booth dressed as a character from 'Splosion Man, The Maw, Comic Jumper or Ms. 'Splosion Man will win the opportunity to have a character modeled after them in an upcoming game of their choosing.

All fans that cosplay as their favorite Twisted Pixel character will appear on the developer's blog, while three runners-up will be featured in the credits of a future title. According to Joystiq, Twisted Pixel will also welcome fans dressed up as the infamous MaXplosion with "a kick to the face." Just in case the team is serious, we'd recommend you wear a helmet.

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