Puzzle Quest Creator Infinite Interactive Bought by Flight Control Dev Firemint

Infinite Interactive, the Australian developer behind the Puzzle Quest series, has been acquired by Flight Control dev and fellow Melburnian Firemint, it was announced today.

Infinite will be consolidated with Firemint as its newly-expanded offices in Melbourne, with all new games going under the Firemint name too. The Infinite gang will continue to work on a title it currently has in development, with founder Steve Fawkner taking on a product management role.

"I'm incredibly pleased to welcome Steve and his team to Firemint," said Firemint founder Rob Murray in the announcement. "Steve is an outstanding game designer and our two studios evolved very similar philosophies of developing addictive, fun and polished original games. By bringing our studios' talents together, we will be able to create even more awesome games--and more of them."

Fawker was naturally enthusiastic about the arrangement too, saying that "By joining forces, we now have a way to further develop some of the exciting new concepts we've been working on. This new position really frees me up to focus on game design and I can't wait to get stuck into it!"

Apparently the two studios have been star-crossed lovers for a while, at least according to a tale told in the announcement. Fawkner met Murray in 2003, then in 2006 inadvertently sparked the creation of Flight Control. "Steve and I have been talking about working together for a long time, and I remember him showing me an early version of Puzzle Quest," Murray said. "This inspired me to make a game during my own holidays two years later, which was Flight Control--and now, another two years later, we've finally found a way to work together!" Aww bless!

Firemint and Infinite have demonstrated their puzzling prowess on almost every platform under the sun, including PC, Xbox Live Arcade, DSiWare, iPad and PSP.

As a gentleman never tells, Firemint politely declined to reveal the financial nitty-gritty behind the acquisition.

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