Best of 2010 Awards: Action-Adventure

Action-Adventure: Red Dead Redemption It seems like beating a dead horse, but we keep coming back t

Action-Adventure: Red Dead Redemption

It seems like beating a dead horse, but we keep coming back to Red Dead Redemption for 2010. With an expansive world, fantastic gunplay, and our 2010 Story of the Year, Red Dead Redemption is our pick for best action-adventure title of the year. Competition was fierce this year, but with so much to see and do in towns--and along the way--it was hard not to dust off our ponchos and ride again and again.

Rockstar San Diego proved that there is more than one house within the company that can build an outstanding open-world adventure. While some of the in between stuff is removed from calm demeanor Rockstar was going for--as in killing dozens of peons while you attempt to bring in a bounty alive--the game doesn't go overboard unless players wish to be known as a ruthless gunslinger. There's so much to say about Red Dead Redemption but we'll leave it at this: it was the best Action-Adventure game of 2010.

Runner-up: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

When it was first announced, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was thought of as a "multiplayer-specific" title. In some ways, the push to showcase the multiplayer aspect was a little flawed. Why? Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has a fantastic, full-length single-player that is action-packed. You should already be playing the game's unique multiplayer mode but, in case you missed it, the single-player campaign is something you won't want to miss. It won't unlock the mysteries of the franchise's future, but it will detail some of its past. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is one of the best of the year.

Nominees: Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, Alan Wake, and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

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