Ms. Splosion Man Coming from Twisted Pixel; Blasting to Undisclosed Platforms in 'Fall of 2011'

Indie developer Twisted Pixel have announced its next title, a sequel/spin-off of its hit 2009 XBLA-exclusive title, 'Splosion Man.

In a press release, Twisted Pixel revealed that after more than a year of being terrorized by the first 'sploding test subject, its "subsidiary" Big Science has finally captured and locked him away for good. Sadly, during a booze-fueled celebration, Big Science accidentally created a new threat: Ms. Splosion Man.

Ms. Splosion Man stars a female lab creation who looks like a pink version of the original 'Splosion Man and, presumably, has the same abilities as her male counterpart--except with the added stylishness of a bow in her hair.

Although 'Splosion Man launched on the Xbox Live Arcade, no platforms have been revealed for Twisted Pixel's newest creation. In the past, Twisted Pixel also released a title for PC.

Although an exact date for the spin-off has yet to be announced, Twisted Pixel's press release says Ms. Splosion Man--who is clearly inspired by Ms. Pac-Man's sense of style--will go on "some monster tear in the fall of 2011."

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    December 3, 2010 11:36 AM

    I wouldn't mind one of the undisclosed platforms being PC.

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