Super Meat Boy Spoofed by PETA; Tofu Boy Hooks Up With Bandage Girl

Riding the wave of the breakout success of Super Meat Boy, animal activist organization PETA has jumped in with a spoof title featuring a similarly sized, but vegan-friendly, hero of their own.

Today, PETA launched Super Tofu Boy, a flash-based game featuring some of the more simplistic gameplay found in the Team Meat developed downloadable title Super Meat Boy. In the game, Tofu Boy must save Bandage Girl from her new captor, former boyfriend Meat Boy.

PETA has regularly jumped in to respond to and reward the game industry's treatment of animals, including the development at an over-the-top (and bloody) Cooking Mama spoof, dubbed Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.

Gamers can grab the free Super Meat Boy spoof for either PC or Mac, as well as play it on PETA's official site. Also, the game allows players to "Pledge to be Vegan," so no more of those Thanksgiving-based shenanigans.

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