Super Meat Boy PC Getting Mr. Minecraft, Three Songs On Rock Band Network, Soundtrack Remix Contest

Team Meat's crushingly difficult (and insanely fun!) Super Meat Boy launched this week on Xbox Live Arcade to mostly rave reviews. A trio of cool meat-related announcements have been made recently that are sure to please fans.

Though the game is currently only available from Xbox Live Arcade, a PC version is expected to hit Steam sometime next month. Destructoid reports that after some public back-and-forth tweeting with Minecraft creator Notch, Team Meat was given permission to include Mr. Minecraft (the game's protagonist) in the PC version. Mr. Minecraft will join a playable-character roster already jam-packed with appearances from other indie heroes, ranging from the BIT.TRIP. series' Commander Video, to Tim from Braid.

In other Super-Meat news, Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowsky has teamed up with Fairwood Studios in an effort to bring remixes of three songs from the game's mind-blowing soundtrack to Rock Band 3, by way of the Rock Band Network. According to Fairwood Studios, "the tracks were specifically selected both as an introduction to Daniel's compositional work and to reflect the difficulty of Super Meat Boy's platforming in the plastic instrument field."

Fairwood reports that the three Super Meat Boy tracks will be remixes of the "Level One Boss Theme," "Level Two Retro Theme," and the "Level Three Theme." Each track will retail for 80 Microsoft Points ($1), and will be released individually in 2011.

Destructoid also notes that Baranowsky recently issued another song-related challenge for users on the Overclocked Remix forums. In short, folks can remix one of two selected songs from the game, and submit it by November 7 for a chance to have the songs included in Super Meat Boy's forthcoming official soundtrack. The two tracks selected for the remix contest are the Chapter 2 Level Track (Haunted Hospital) and the Chapter 4 Level Track (Hell!).

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Super Meat Boy is currently on sale for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) until November, when it'll jump to 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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    October 22, 2010 3:24 PM

    ok, so what's the pc releasedate for super meat boy already

    "Though the game is currently only available from Xbox Live Arcade, a PC version is expected to hit Steam sometime next month."

    not only steam, it will be available on their site drm free (from what I was last told) and probably a bunch of other places aswell

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