Wii Remote Plus with Motion Plus Built-in Available November 9

Along with those limited "while supplies last" edition Mario 25th Anniversary Wii and DSi XL bundles, Nintendo also plans to have a Wii Remote Plus and FlingSmash Bundle in stores across North America on November 9. Confirmed to be in development back in December, the Wii Remote Plus combines the add-on Motion Plus module and a standard Wii Remote in one.

The new controller returns to a more comfortable, compact size compared to the old combination of Wii Remote and Motion Plus. It will sell for $39.99 separately and will also become the standard Wii controller in all hardware boxes going forward.

As is Nintendo's fashion, there's also a new game bundle with the Wii Remote Plus in it at what works out to be a bargain price. For $49.99 the FlingSmash Bundle (looks like that rumor was right) contains both the new controller and FlingSmash--a sort of tennis-pinball mashup game that requires Motion Plus. With or without hard numbers, it's sure to be in the NPD top ten monthly games for many months.

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