Kinect Now Lets You Sit Down and Play

Microsoft's upcoming controller-less peripheral, Kinect, had a bit of difficulty working properly with seated players in prior demos. Today, Eurogamer reports that Microsoft has "updated the software behind the tech," to solve the problem.

Initially, Kinect would map player's skeletal structure by creating a "base node" located at the bottom of their spines. However, this created issues when someone was seated with their knees above their pelvis, or lying down. The recent software update relocates the base node for player mapping to the back of the neck.

Andrew Oliver, CTO and co-founder of Blitz Games explained, "It means that should the bottom of your torso get confused with the sofa, because your bum and your legs are enveloped inside the sofa, it doesn't matter because your hands and arms are still working."

Blitz Games was one of a few developers who had previously taken it upon themselves to create their own homebrew solution for Kinect players in seated and prone positions, particularly for workout regimens (sit-ups and push-ups) contained in their game adaptation of the TV show, 'The Biggest Loser.'

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    October 18, 2010 11:36 AM

    I think the ability to sit down with the motion control is a big plus. When I played my WII initially, I stood up and wave the waggle. After this novelty wore off, I just sat on my couch and played it like a traditional console.

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