Send California Senator Leland Yee a Message by Sending Him Your Broken Gaming Peripherals

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), via its Video Game Voters Network website (VGVN), is asking gamers to send a message to the chief proponent of "anti-game legislation" set to begin oral arguments on November 2.

To combat the legislation, the ESA wants gamers to send any old or broken controllers to California senator Leland Yee, along with the message "I believe in the First Amendment" inscribed on the peripherals.

Hoping to drive home the point that video games should be protected as free speech, the ESA-established network--comprised of voting age American gamers--is attempting to kick up some dust with the help of video game fans before the Supreme Court entertains "Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association/Entertainment Software Association" early next month.

Fresh out of broken controllers? The VGVN will also accept other accessories and gaming related cables. Head to the VGVN website to learn how you can participate in the cause.

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