Rumor: DreamWorks Looking at Halo Novelizations for Possible Movie Adaptation

With Halo: Reach breaking records in 2010, interest in a film adaptation for Microsoft's cash cow seems to be building, again. According to's Vulture blog [via /Film], DreamWorks is considering a film adaptation that would focus on the Halo novels as its source material.

Sadly, every time a Halo movie possibility turns the corner, it's quickly tackled to the ground.

In a sordid example of the fate befallen on many Hollywood-based marriages, 20th Century Fox and Universal went from partners on a planned Halo film to bitter enemies. After Microsoft demanded a hefty $10 million for the property along with 15 percent of the film's grosses, rivals Fox and Universal decided to work together rather than bid against each other. The deal would see the two studios split distribution worldwide, split costs, and share grosses evenly. Eventually, the Halo movie collapsed under its own weight.

After it was deemed dead, at a studio level, Peter Jackson voiced his belief that production on a Halo film directed by Neill Blomkamp, of District 9 fame, would continue. Five months later the project both Jackson and Blomkamp were off the project. Fox and Universal then set its sights--or the sights of its respective legal teams--on each other. Vulture claims that Fox and Universal eventually resolved their issues out of court.

To keep from getting involved in any legal issues--and to sidestep the gaping money pit created by Microsoft, Fox, and Universal--DreamWorks would use the Halo novels as its argument that its own Halo film is something entirely different from scrapped Fox and Universal pairing.

DreamWorks co-founder Steven Spielberg--and no stranger to the game industry--had previously been rumored to be involved with a film based on the Halo franchise.

If the report proves to be true, don't expect to wait in line anytime soon. Vulture claims that Halo's big screen debut is still a long way away: as of the report, no script has been produced, nor has a writer even been hired.

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