Team Fortress 2 Launches Hat-Describing Contest, Gives Accessories to Worms Reloaded Pre-Orders

A couple of new happenings, in the form of a contest and a themed costume update for the Soldier class, have been revealed on the official Team Fortress 2 blog today.

First are hats in need of names. "Compete with other fans to write fictional missives about the glory of your favorite TF2 hat, with the prize of getting your words right into TF2 itself," explains the TF2 Team. "The text will show up in the item descriptions, so it should be short and fun." Experts in chapeau nomenclature can participate on the contest's Steam forum page.

Apparently, the TF2 Team is also a big fan of Team 17's Worms franchise. To celebrate the PC release of Worms Reloaded this week, those who purchase the game before Thursday, September 2, will also get humorous (though purely cosmetic) Worms-themed wardrobe adjustment for the Soldier class in Team Fortress 2. The update changes the Soldier's stock grenades into "Holy Hand Grenades," of both Worms and Monty Python fame, and also gives him a stylish helmet with a worm on it. Check out the top-story image to see for yourself.

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