Rumours: Realtime Worlds Fires Project: MyWorld Team, Looking to Sell APB

Crackdown and APB creator Realtime Worlds has laid off the entire team behind its recently-announced Project: MyWorld, according to rumours picked up by VG247, and may be downsizing the APB team or even attempting to sell the crime MMO outright.

"The MyWorld team has been completely laid off," the anonymous source whispered to VG247. "As many as 60 may have gone, but there's a rumour they may be trying to sell the team as a smaller entity. I don't know the exact figure." The "3D social gaming experience" was announced only last month, scheduled for launch in 2011.

Furthermore, it's claimed that staff were yesterday sent e-mail stating that--in VG247's words--"there could be drastic cuts" for APB. It's also rumoured that Realtime Worlds is looking to sell the MMO on, which is said to have cost more than $100 million.

For now, all these rumours remain unconfirmed. However, a number of people were laid off from Realtime Worlds only last month during a restructuring period, including the downsizing of a team working on an unannounced project--most probably MyWorld.

From The Chatty
  • reply
    August 13, 2010 6:31 AM

    It cost them $100 million to make a POS? Some people should be fired.

    • reply
      August 13, 2010 6:35 AM

      uh isn't that what the story is about, like 90% of the people getting canned.

      • reply
        August 13, 2010 6:58 AM

        Unfortunately, the way things usually work is that the ones responsible are probably in the 10% not getting canned.

        • reply
          August 13, 2010 7:07 AM

          Very true, unfortunately.

          However, they are out $100 mil. =P

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