Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Dated for September 28

Activision and Neversoft's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be released on September 28 in the US and four days earlier, on the 24, in the UK according to Eurogamer.

Warriors of Rock, unlike previous games in the series, features a story-based Quest Mode puts the player on a journey to save rock & roll with a stop along the way to experience Rush's awesome 2112 in its entirety.

"Warriors of Rock will be our only Guitar Hero release this year, and given its game quality and our full line-up of marketing activities, should generate consumer and retail excitement," explains Activision CFO Thomas Tippl on yesterday's quarterly financials call.

The game's chief competition, Rock Band 3, will be released a month later on October 26.

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    August 7, 2010 2:48 AM

    IMO, it's no longer a competition between these two. Guitar Hero is for slappin' the plastic, and Rock Band 3 is for learning a real instrument; I'll be playing both.

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      August 8, 2010 11:25 AM

      The GH press releases are pretty "uncommunicative" since the RB3 media show began.
      I think the GH guys are in shock stasis about the RB3 instrument and gameplay features.

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