Star Trek Online Price Cut as 'Season Two' Update Hits

The price of Cryptic's star-trekkin' MMORPG Star Trek Online has been permanently cut to $19.99 to celebrate the launch of its 'Season Two' update yesterday.

Subtitled 'Ancient Enemies,' the update brings eight new Klingon Episodes starring "the Fek'ihri, the fabled enemy of Kahless, founder of the Klingon Empire" as well as a little peace and love on the Federation side with 'Federation Diplomatic Corps' missions.

There's also a higher level cap plus new 'Mark XI' items, new 'Tier 5' ships and "high-level versions of every Special Task Force mission and Fleet Action." More importantly, you can now play 'Dabo'--the casino game famously played in Quark's Bar.

You can download a 7.36GB demo for Star Trek Online from FileShack.

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