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Eufloria Patch Brings New Maps, Achievements

"Some of the best" community-made Eufloria maps have been bundled in with Patch 2.05 for the PC indie "ambient game of space exploration and conquest" along with achievements. It's available from FileShack or will update automatically on Steam.

A downloadable PlayStation 3 edition described as a "reboot" is scheduled for release in "early 2011," boasting "a wide spectrum" of "improvements and additions" which will also be released for free on PC. If you've yet to play it, give the demo a whirl.

The full Update 2.05 patch notes follow below.

  • Added Achievements.
  • Added Community Map Pack 1.
  • Added directory support for Custom Maps.
  • Added speed records on level selection.
  • Lua: Added user interaction Lua calls OnAsteroidSelected(ID), OnMouseLeftClicked(x,y) and OnMouseRightClicked(x,y).
  • Lua: Added drawing text from script.
  • Lua: GetNumAsteroids() - returns number of asteroids in play.
  • Lua: RevealAll() - reveals all asteroids.
  • Lua: Asteroid naming (asteroid.Name = "").
  • Lua: Planting flowers from script (flower:Plant, flower:PlantOnRandomTree, flower:PlantOnRandom###Tree).
  • Lua: Camera location and zoom query from script (GetCameraX, GetCameraY, GetCameraZoom).
  • Lua: Get trees on asteroid from script (asteroid:GetRandomTree, asteroid:GetRandom###Tree).
  • Fixed adding and removing asteroids at run time.
  • Fixed planting on moving asteroids.
  • Fixed enemy laser mines travel distance violation (thanks Maarten).
  • Fixed crash bug when enemy AI has no asteroids (thanks Mihhaelo).
  • Fixed loading music restarting as the game enters main menu.
  • Fixed invisible mines/flowers from Lua setup bug.
  • Fixed long root crash.

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    July 19, 2010 6:43 AM

    Nice to see they are still supporting this. When I first got it I found it very slow, simple and easy though.