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Age of Conan Expansion Briefly Open to All Players Past and Present

Age of Conan developer Funcom has opened up the PC fantasy MMORPG's oriental expansion pack Rise of the Godslayer to all players past and present until July 15.

Current players can hop straight on over to the land of Khitai while those with inactive accounts will receive ten days of free play in both the expansion and original content.

"After a full-scale release in retail and online the expansion has performed well in terms of both sales and traffic, and the activity on our servers has increased significantly in the last month," said sales and marketing VP Morten Larssen in the announcement.

Rise of the Godslayer was released on May 11, around two years after the base game.

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From The Chatty
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    July 6, 2010 7:35 AM

    I had bought and played this game right after release. Unless they made some huge overall in design and gameplay, I'm not willing to go back. It wasn't that bad, but there really was nothing compelling enough to justify the monthly charge.

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      July 6, 2010 7:41 AM

      the expansion basically adressed the content gaps and end game content. and it did it extremely well. The leveling in the game is quite good and now you have a very addictive end game. in my opinion its the only game out mmo wise that can compete with wows pve game now.

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        July 6, 2010 8:39 AM

        That was the problem for me and why I quit. I was hovering around level 65-70ish and had nothing left to as I got to do all the end game stuff with my guild and it was nothing but a snore fest from there on. I just got sick and tired of the content and nothing was all that interesting. I loved the game play but seriously, casters need more fatalities to keep things interesting when killing folks or monsters. Playing as a Tempest of Set, seeing the same godamned fatality time and time again gets super old very fast. I liked with the melee classes, at least you got a ton of variety in the fatalities you get.

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      July 6, 2010 7:49 AM

      I may be QQ'ing here, but I refuse to go back to playing Age of Conan. Hardly 2 days after I bought the game, they came out with a newer promotional package that would allow new accounts to get a free "special" mount. I contacted Funcom several times and was refused any special mount. I feel like I've been punished for buying the game 2 days too soon.

      The game is great...but I'll be durn if I'm going to pay a monthly fee to a bunch of jerks who can't award me a free mount (just because I bought the game 2 days early). What a load of bull cocky.

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        July 6, 2010 4:28 PM

        Yep, you're QQ'ing.

        There is no insurance on life. :) But not supporting them anymore is totally your choice too.

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