Evening Reading

And the red velvet curtain begins to fall on E3 2010. We still have a flood of assets and announcements to work through but we should be returning to normal soon enough. Of course, following E3 is something even more terrifying--the dreaded post-E3 news lull.

Here's what I liked about our E3 2010 coverage today:

  • Monday Night Combat continues to sound jolly good. PC release, pretty please.
  • Civilization V gameplay. Oh yes.
  • I very much like how Ubisoft has released a few lengthy gameplay narrated walkthroughs lately, like today's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood singleplayer trailer. I hope it's a trend they continue and the game looks fun. Now, if Ubisoft can change their DRM, maybe I'll even play it.
  • In my dreams, Swarm is a more hectic, comic and violent take on Lemmings.
  • Why do I enjoy benchmark tests for games I have no interest in? I couldn't say but oh my giddy aunt look! A Final Fantasy XIV benchmark! Amazing!

Raymond Padilla previewed EA Sports MMA and Kirby's Epic Yarn for us, the latter of which seems positively delightful. Ray's swell as well.

Have fun, be good and don't accept any sweeties from granddad--they're really his pills.

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