Monday Night Combat Media Shows 'Blitz' Co-op Mode

The Monday Night Combat E3 trailer and sc

The Monday Night Combat E3 trailer and screenshots show off the 'Blitz' co-op mode in Uber Entertainment's Xbox Live Arcade class-based "team sport shooter," which blends shooty action with elements of tower defense.

And then a mascot attacks someone with pelvic thrusts. I'm not entirely certain what that's about.

"It's like Team Fortress 2 and DotA made a baby," our Chris exclaimed when he played MNC's competitive 'Crossfire' mode at PAX East in April. Which sounds lovely.

Monday Night Combat is due to be released as part of Microsoft's annual Summer of Arcade promotion, which will kick off in July, priced at 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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    June 17, 2010 8:25 AM

    Looks great! It looks like a co-op tower defense mode. Enjoyed trying this out at PAX East. Definitely buying.