Men of War: Vietnam Details Emerge

Publisher 1C Company today officially announced Men of War: Vietnam--the standalone strategy sequel revealed last week--offering a few new details on the PC title. Developed internally at 1C Company--series creators DigitalMindSoft and Best Way are prepping Men of War: Assault Squad--Vietnam is due in 2010, packing a ten-mission campaign and an "explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in 1968."

Helicopters are also said to be "one of the major features of this game," as "the war in Vietnam became the first military conflict where helicopters played a significant role." Missions "range from special operations (rescuing a shot-down pilot, escorting a reporter, etc.) to full scale battles," with some additional details copied below:

Key Features
  • The new campaign tells the story of the US special ops team in the Vietnam War
  • Breathtaking missions including an ambush on the Ho Chi Minh trail, a game of cat and mouse in the Mekong Delta, raids into Cambodia and Laos, bridge defense during the Tet offensive and more
  • New weapons and units: M-16, T-54, M-113, Patton III, M-60, AK-47, M-14, RPG-2, M-72 LAW, RPK and many more
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    June 8, 2010 8:27 AM

    I used to love flying the Hueys in Battlefield Vietnam.
    Now NOBODY plays that game.

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