Nintendo DSi XL Available in 'Midnight Blue' From July

Nintendo's DSi XL plus-sized handheld will be available in a fetching "Midnight Blue" two-tone black and blue style from July 11 in the USA, the company announced today.

As with the current Burgundy and Bronze styles, the Midnight Blue model comes with the DSiWare titles Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock pre-loaded as well as the free Flipnote Studio and Nintendo DSi Browser.

The Midnight Blue DSi XL arrives on July 11 at the suggested retail price of $189.99.

Rumours suggest that the DS's successor the Nintendo 3DS may be released in October this year. Nintendo plans to fully unveil the handheld at E3 2010 this month.

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    June 8, 2010 2:10 PM

    Pretty very pretty. I like shiny. 189.99????? O.o It burns!!!!!!!!

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