Left 4 Dead Creator Turtle Rock Announces Small Games Division

After being purchased by Valve and later re-forming as an independent studio under its original moniker, Left 4 Dead creator and Counter-Strike series veteran Turtle Rock Studios has opened a new small games division dubbed "Turtle Rock Garage."

"This division will be focused on casual and experimental games, such as those found on the iPhone, Facebook, and Xbox Live," reads the formal announcement. Its first project, "Leap Sheep!" is available on iPhone / iPod touch and sees players "leaping an ever growing flock of sheep over that stalwart of all obstacles: a wooden fence!"

"The team here at Turtle Rock Studios is constantly coming up with fantastic little game ideas. These are games that we would love to see realized just as much as our larger scope projects," art director Phil Robb explained in the announcement. "It would be a shame to throw these ideas out just because they're not part of a big project.... We started Turtle Rock Garage to give games like these a place to become reality."

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    June 7, 2010 1:19 PM

    Good for them, I really think that L4D turned out excellently, compared to what I thought it would be when I played the demo.

    I think that small games for phones and such are a great way to increase cash flow, and also to let off the steam of developing a big release.

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