Rumor: Crytek Hiring for MMO Project

Thanks to games like Far Cry and Crysis, developer Crytek has firmly cemented itself as a purveyor of visually stunning first-person shooters. Crysis 2 is just around the corner (the series first foray onto consoles), due out sometime between October and the end of December.

New happenings seem to be afoot at Crytek, however. Based on a recent job posting, Crytek may have another big project in the works - one that is massively-multiplayer in nature. The job post, reprinted from LinkedIn by industry site superannuation, notes that the new position would be responsible for "designing, testing, and implementing as part of the development team, the systems infrastructure for an MMO online game."

It's just unconfirmed speculation at this point, but it's at least possible (if not likely) that the job-listing may have something to do with one of the new trademarks that Crytek filed back in April of 2009. Perhaps, "Kingdom?" The possibility of a massively-multiplayer game from Crytek is fairly intriguing, but it remains to be seen how a developer that makes titles that are traditionally graphically intensive will deliver a massively-multiplayer game that doesn't bring the average computer to its proverbial knees.

The job posting, reprinted in its entirety from superannuation, is as follows:

Duties: Complete life cycle responsibility for nearly 300 Linux servers in a demanding "zero downtime" environment. Interoperability with Windows clients and game asset systems.

Development: (Apache, PHP, MySQL & shell programming) of monitoring systems , network test game deployment systems and various bespoke solutions.

Designing, testing, and implementing, as part of the development team, the systems infrastructure for an MMO online game.

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    June 1, 2010 4:07 PM

    (Insert Cevat Yerli rant bashing single-player games and extolling the virtues of mumorpugers here)

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